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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Two WIPs Make the Finish Line!

Hello, just a quick post today to let you know that two of yesterdays WIPs have made it to the finish line!!!

The cake looks good, I am having to fight off hubby and the boys who think I can "trim" bits off for them to eat already!


finished the flowers brooch, think I might make some more as presents, because they are quite cute.

Well I am waiting on my wool to arrive by the post - so that could take a while with the postal strike so I will just have to start something else wont I!!!

Have a good day!

Speak soon xx


  1. That cake is really looking yummy! Well done. I made a lot years ago. No one eats them now, so I wont bother. But this looks good. Any crumbs you can feed the birds flying around Flickr!! ha. ha. Mine have flown the nest today, (read blog).

  2. All is well. Nothing a good little nap this afternoon couldn't cure. Wow, amazing what at little sleep can do for the soul and nerves.

    What a delight to wake up to two awesome treats reaching the finish line.

    Thanks for you sweet words earlier.

  3. Friday afternoon Kim,
    Just checking in to say have a good weekend.
    Hope you do some amazing things.
    My favourite programme on now Alan Titchmarsh hot cup of choccie then the ironing. But while the programmes on guess what I'll be doing?
    Hugs Sue.
    Thanks for your support during the week. x