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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

From Hooking to Cooking

Yesterday I went to buy some wool to start the cot blanket I have been gearing myself up to for some time but when I got to the shop I was a little taken aback as to how much it would cost, so came home and did some research on line and found it a lot cheaper - an order has been placed and we will see what arrives.  So last night I had a little play around with the flowers and leaves that Lucy over at Attic24 designed.  I have a stash of fine crochet cotton

which I found in a charity shop for a pound the lot, a couple of weeks ago, bargain I thought.  I have forgotten how pretty fine crochet is but I must admit doing it late in the evening is quite hard, even with my glasses on!!!!!!

This is a far as I got last night a WIP, will hopefully do some more this evening.  It was quite late when I sat down to make these flowers and leaves because I had embarked on another WIP, this one is a very secret WIP, its a cake, a very special cake, not a christmas cake, but a birthday cake.  I spent quite a while weighing and sorting the fruit last night, picking it over for stalks and then leaving it to soak in brandy overnight.  It was a labour of love, and it will be a labour of love:-

because this cake will be for my Mum who will be 80! between christmas and new year.  I have decided to have a surprise family get together for her, she has no idea and will be bowled over!!!!!!!!  Its soooooo exciting !!!!!!  My kitchen looked a bit of a mess during cake preparation

lovely cat Thompson ( I will tell you about him another time) wanted attention, but no he will have to wait til later!!!!

Finally everything was mixed and the cake ready to go into the oven for four and a half looooong hours

I cannot show you the cake because it is still in the oven, and now I am slightly apprehensive, hoping the middle will be cooked, I wont burn it etc, but it smells lovely so fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!  I will show you the results tomorrow.  I wanted make the effort for my Mum who made both mine and my brother's wedding cakes many years ago, and also all of her grandchildren's christening cakes.  I am NO domestic goddess so you will have to see how I get on with the icing nearer to christmas.  I must admit though, it has been a blissful afternoon, doesn't happen very often!!!!!

Have a great day whatever you do

Speak soon xx


  1. I have learned that this is so typically English, those cakes with lots of fruity things and brandy.
    Why is it made so early?
    Have a nice evening with your fine crocheting!
    Don't forget your glasses ;)

  2. Love the small flowers. They do look quite lovely this little.

    What could go wrong went wrong today on our project. icks.... Hope tomorrow is better, but may not get to a post. But, I know I'll be back soon as things settle back down.

  3. Hi Kim,
    I'm late reading my blogs. I've been busy doing you know what! ? Oh that cake reminds me so much of all the Christmas cakes I made years ago. Lots of fruit lovely.
    It seems to be running in the family then,all this baking!

    Chat soon please pop over when you can. I'll get the kettle on!
    Hugs Sue.x

    P.S. You did extremely well with that crocheing cotton!