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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Ripple Delight

Hi there, I spent last night sewing in these:-

its a tad tedious sewing in ends don't you think? you do need a good programme on TV or a film to watch - but hey its done now and I can show you the finished ripple cushion for my daughter. I can tick that project off the list now! 

This was originally the front of the cushion,

but I thought I would make a feature of the back and I found these three decorative toggle buttons in my tin and I am rather pleased with how it has turned out.  I hope my daughter will love it. She is popping back from Uni this weekend, so wont have to wait long for it.

Today I will try and find time to go to the wool shop in our nearest town to buy wool to make the cot blanket I mentioned before - that is my next major project - although I may diversify into christmasssy makes, another Lucy bag etc, but I will have to be careful otherwise the baby will be a toddler by the time I have finished it.  At the moment I just can't get to grips with the fact I will be working in only one colour PINK!  after Lucy's wonderful colourful projects that I have completed lately one colour is going to be a challenge!

Oh well, must dash - shopping awaits and other homely chores today so have a lovely day whatever you are up to.Speak soon xx


  1. Oh Kim,
    The rippled cushion is wonderful. Such pretty colours. You sound very much like me. Making things for our daughters! I did plenty when my girls were little Hot water bottle covers, dolls pram covers etc., But I'm finding crocheting for young adults is really good fun. It's really nice for your daughter to take something back to UNI from you! Well done to you. I really love those colours, superb.

    Are you flying over today? ha.ha. !! YOu'll see.......

  2. It´s wondeful. I like so much.

    Kisses from Spain!

  3. It's so much fun to tick another project off the list, isn't it. This is wonderful. Love all the yummie grape colors. I'm thinking about a grape popsicle right now.

    Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next.

  4. The cushion looks so nice.
    Your daughter is a lucky girl!

  5. Love the cushion, especially with the toggle buttons. Think one (in different colours)should be put on my Xmas make list for DD1

  6. I am glad I found your Blog ,it's very inspiring.
    I Like the cushion you made , your daughter will love it .