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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Rambling On :: About This :: and :: That

Last week was very exciting and tiring.  Little Kimbles and I were in the local Pantomime, we were both in the Chorus and had an absolute hoot!!!   We did eight performances  over the week and each night the production seemed to crank up a gear, so that by Saturday night we were all on a complete high!  We sang and danced to songs from a variety of sources, from the theatre, such as Wicked and Les Miserables, films such as Toy Story 2 and Mary Poppins and pop songs from Abba and Elton John.  Apart from the odd occasion when the scenery didn't move quick enough before the curtains opened, and a few attacks of giggling when not supposed to - I think we did well!!!!!

As promised, here is a picture of me in one of my costume with the Daisy pinned on to it that I made with the Daisy Maker

As you can see, I think the Daisy added some interest to a rather dull costume!

My other costume was a little prettier though and was nice to wear. 

So this week we are back to normal, and looking forward to the spring

This is an Amryllis I was given for Christmas, its sprouting from everywhere!  Looking forward to seeing this come out.

In the meantime my favourite Yellow Roses are adorning the dining table

Bringing some sunshine into the dull dark days.

I have done some crocheting too,

 These two squares are now with Mrs Twins for the SIBOL project,

This is how far I have got with the African flower inspired squares. I think they may be turned into a cushion, I m just not feeling it for a blanket - but this may be revised in the future.  Instead I have decided to make a plain granny square blanket for my camping in the summer, so blues, peach and yellow will be the theme.  Karin made a super one with many colours in her blog, and I want to do something similar, something that I don't have to think about too much!  I have only made a couple of squares so far, so will show you when I have made more.

Well I have rambled on enough - I must say though, it is nice to get back to some rambling!

Speak soon xx

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Daisy Making

There is much excitement this week in the Kimbles household, myself and Little Kimbles have been parading round in our costumes, practising our moves and smiles in front of the mirror and belting out the songs and desperately trying to get the Lyrics TOTALLY right!!  You know what I mean don't you, you THINK you know the words to a popular song, you have been singing it to yourself for years that way - then you are given the lyrics typed out and suddenly ........ they are not quite what you thought they were.  Its a very difficult habit to break then!!!!!!!!  Last rehearsals tonight and then full dress rehearsal on Saturday then its the performances from Sunday oooooh I can't wait!    This story is leading somewhere, you see, for one of my costumes,  I have this rather dull black coat to wear, and a sort of browny skirt with greeny patches on it (poor villager look!), I thought what can I do to  make this jacket less "dull".  Well searching through my stuff in my workbox I found this

A vintage daisy maker - I have had this - wait for it - since the mid 1970's  I made a daisy to go on a bag I made for school!  I think it came from "Womens Own" mag.  You have to wind the wool round and sew it up in the centre.

I found a lovely green button for the centre, then sewed a little circle of felt and a badge pin to the back

I am deeelighted with it! Isn't it cute, I think I may be making more of these, I orginally was going to make a felty flower of which I have seen loads around, but this is different!

You will have to wait to see it on the costume until after the show I am afraid!

Wish me luck!

Speak soon xx

Saturday, 8 January 2011

A Quick Evening Project

Good to catch up with you all again.  Have you seen the new SIBOL CHALLENGES blog?  Sue has been super organised and has listed all of the blanket themes for the next few months, they sound really exciting, so please check it out, as it is such a worthwhile cause and Sue works so hard making the blankets.

I am finally settling down back to some kind of normality.  I was thinking - didn't 2010 just fly by?  Maybe its me getting older, but that was the fastest year ever!  Still finding it hard to remember to write 2011.  

Yesterday, I took on a little project - a slight variation of one that I did in the summer.  My small cream coloured teapot has been looking sad ever since we had it - it has no tea cosy and has had to suffer the indignity of a tea towel thrown over it or the oven gloves draped over it to keep the tea warm. I have been meaning to rectify this for ages, but have not had the time - so yesterday I decided NOW was the time. 

So using the Rico Cotton I set about making the cosy.  Sadly I had to modify my plans as I realised I didn't have enough cotton in the two tones of green to finish the project - darn it!  I didn't want to start again so I decided to add a trim of two tone red ( my kitchen has green and red in it), anyway after fiddling around this tea cosy evolved.

I topped it off with the same flower that I made for my tea cosy in the summer.  Now our tea will stay warm!

This morning I was in town and couldn't resist  this

So now my teapot is sad no more, it has a lovely new coat, flowery hat and a super red heart stand!

I just love it when ideas evolve!

I have started Number 28 in the Jan Eaton book of crochet squares - its the Christmas Rose one, for SIBOL but I ran into difficulties last night on the first green round - it wasn't going right - the rose itself is lovely - I am hoping I was tired and therefore didn't read the pattern properly and that all will be fine when I try again this evening. 

The next couple of weeks will be busy in the Kimbles household as myself and Little Kimbles are in the local Pantomime, its the first time we are going to be in it together - such fun - so many songs learnt and dances practised and we will be adorned in the usual "villager" costumes!  Its full on rehearsals all this week and then the performances all of next week.

Thank you so much for dropping by!

Speak soon xx

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Snowy Sussex Countryside December 2010
 Hello Blogland friends - and on the 4th of January may I wish you a very late Happy New Year and hope all of your dreams come true!  I am still here, just gave up trying to "do it all" in December and blogging went out of the window I am afraid.  I hope you all had fun, I have dipped in and out of a few blogs, but that is about it.  It has been full on with both happy and very sad times, but that is life in a nutshell. To tell you the truth,  I could do with a little break myself now, instead of straight back into work!

I haven't made any Resolutions this year, no point, didn't get round to last year's ones!!! 

Yesterday afternoon I finally had a couple of hours to myself and I sat and watched TV whilst doing some lovely hookiness!  I am starting another blanket, joining motifs together as smaller projects suit me better.
I have worked on a four leaf flower based on the Elizabeth Cat African flower pattern.

 You may remember me showing this to you before, this was one of my first attempts.  I have made several attempts at this and you may have seen that I used this idea to make pot holders for my three pay it forward winners.

I used the Rico cotton for these and was pleased with the results.  So after these were finished I decided I would like to make more of this type of motif so hence the new blanket - its very small at the moment a WIP! Here is a sneak preview

Posing with my lovely Chicken door stop - a Christmas pressie from my daughter. 

As you can see by the photos, I am sewing them together in a diagonal pattern for a change so the colour changes will alternate between the blue, pink and yellow.  Its nice to have a project on the go again which isn't sewing curtains!  I made four sets of curtains in the run up to Christmas so I am a bit curtained out!!!

This was the last set, heavy curtains for the front door, so we are really snug and warm now!

It's lovely to be back with you all,

Speak soon xx