To you all, thank you for your company and your time

Monday, 26 April 2010

Short and Sweet

Good morning lovely blogland readers - this is a short post as I am being whisked off to London later today. To tell you the truth this isn't a jolly oh no - its to be on an exhibition stand to  help dear hubby. So I have had to put away the slouchy clothes this week and go "businesslike" instead.  It can be rather nerve racking talking to strangers - but come to think of it all of you were strangers a while ago and now I feel that I have got to know some of you well - amazing considering we have never met!!!!!

Among the "businesslike" stuff I have sneaked this in:-

just enough to make the odd square or two for SIBOL- and to try the lovely African Flower motifs I have been seeing on Flickr and Karin's lovely colourful blog. 

I hope you all have a lovely week, sounds as if the weather is going to be beautiful (shame we will be inside all the time!)  Hopefully I will be able to post over the Bank Holiday.

Speak soonish! xx

Thursday, 22 April 2010


WIP thats the state of our bedroom at the moment!  You may remember that I was having trouble deciding on a colour scheme for our bedroom which we have been decorating.  Well I finally made up my mind and so work started a couple of weekends ago.

Why is it that when decorating one room it seems to affect the whole house! Stuff everywhere, DUST, DUST and more DUST!!!

Progress is being made now, so here is a peek

Mind you, if you have the radio on - its great to have a sing song whilst painting the walls!  Wall on the right is the finished colour which we have taken through to the little ensuite bathroom

All very neutral .............. but I know what you are thinking .......... where is the COLOUR ?
Colour? what colour?......... oh this colour

He!he! you knew I would have to have SOME colour!! 

These are the accessories I am going to use

Looking forward to putting it all together - still have curtains to make and they are going to be this stripey fabric from Laura Ashley

So that has been my week so far - managed a little hooking and my mini hex blanket is nearly finished just have to work out a half hex pattern to my liking and do the edging oh and we wont mention all of those pesky ends!! 

Speak soon xx

Friday, 16 April 2010

Flickrville Fun

Hi lovelies! Yesterday was a bit of a laugh in Flickrville!  Bethel suggested we all post a picture of our work or creative area, so I duly obliged.

and so did loads of other crafters and it was fascinating peeking into everyone's "space"  shows how nosey we all are at heart!!  Mrs Twins asked me if I had a chair, of course! I had forgotten to include the chair in the picture!

This is my chair with our lovely cat Thompson sharing it - he usually gets the snuggly up cushion bit and I get to perch on the edge!!!

and when I get up, he takes over whole chair space thing!! 

Then the lovely Karin set up this gallery in flickrville, helps us all to visualise where the person is when we chat in blogland/flickrville.

This weekend I would like to sit, drink coffee and crochet and watch a good film, reality will be housework, (not done this week) and the dreaded decorating!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend whatever you do!

Speak soon xx 

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Project Mosaic

Today I have reached my 70th post - I have no idea what I have rambled on about for this amount of times, but I do know I have made some very sweet blogland friends through this 'open diary' of mine.  In the 'old' days these would have been 'pen' friends, but thanks to cyberspace we can converse instantly which is really nice. So I looked back some of the projects I have finished since I started blogging last October - and do you know what? .... there were quite a few -so I prepared a little mosaic for you to see some of them

I realised that blogging certainly helps me to be more creative!  Long may it continue.

Speak soon xx

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Catching up!

Hello!  How are  you all?  I haven't posted since Easter and it feels like an aaaage! I hope you all had a great Easter and ate loads of choccie!!  I certainly did and now I am on the diet and keep fit road or else I will be crying when I try on my summer clothes!!!!  

Last week I spend several days with Little Kimbles up at her flat near her Uni and oh! it was lovely. We ate out at studenty type places, went to the cinema and shopped for a dress for her end of Uni party. On the last day I was there, we went for a walk up on the hill above the town

it actually felt quite warm and we both felt so happy that the summer is on its way!

then it was back down the hill to a small garden centre to share a smoothie

just lovely!

We didn't get much hooking done, so I have tried to catch up in the evenings now I am home, and my mini hex blanket is nearing completion, the last flower is about to be assembled

I have really enjoyed making these little hexagons and they join as you go like a dream!  I have to work out an edging for the blanket and  -  the dreaded sewing in of allllll the ends - yes I have been very lazy this time and have left all of the ends to be sewn in til last, and now I am regretting it , big time! Some have been crocheted in but loads haven't. 

I have been enjoying catching up with all the blogs, its amazing how much passes you by when you miss a few days in blogland!

Well tasks for today are shopping, work, and the dreaded decorating ugh!  we finished our ensuite bathroom over Easter and as I was away last week and so was hubby, we spent the last weekend sanding down, don't you just hAtE that bit!  the dust gets everywhere and it seems to take over the whole house!  Never mind hopefully it will soon be finished and I may even give you a peek if it looks at all presentable!

Speak soon xx

Thursday, 1 April 2010

This Week I Have ........

enjoyed my youngest son's 19th Birthday - can't quite believe my baby (10lb baby he was!) is now 19 and well over 6ft tall.

........ enjoyed seeing these beauties open up.

.... got fatter because I have eaten Birthday cake on Monday and then on Tuesday made some of Lucy's Oatie Biscuits ..

and them ate most of them myself!!! scrummy!

...... felt sad when I heard about the death of Elspeth Thompson.

..... loved reading lots of blogs - the success of Mrs Twins and the lovely blankets she is making, Lucy's beautiful zig zag blanket, to name just two.

.... enjoyed enormously the lovely comments left after my post about my chickens that I had!


.... had some new lovely followers join me - Thank you to you all!

.... enjoyed the lighter evenings now the clocks have changed (even though it has not been any warmer)

.... found this sad looking little pot in a charity shop and decided it needed a Decopatch makeover

...... soothed myself with the gentle repetitiveness of this lovely craft

..... was very pleased with the results of the soothing repetitiveness.

.... found a place to stash the easter eggs!

.... decided to go and spend a couple of days with 'Little Kimbles' at her flat near her Uni after Easter,  and do some 'girly' stuff - and may be able to persuade her to make another square for the SIBOL project. So therefore, I may not post until the end of next week.

Hope you all have a great Easter!

Speak soon xx