To you all, thank you for your company and your time

Thursday, 1 April 2010

This Week I Have ........

enjoyed my youngest son's 19th Birthday - can't quite believe my baby (10lb baby he was!) is now 19 and well over 6ft tall.

........ enjoyed seeing these beauties open up.

.... got fatter because I have eaten Birthday cake on Monday and then on Tuesday made some of Lucy's Oatie Biscuits ..

and them ate most of them myself!!! scrummy!

...... felt sad when I heard about the death of Elspeth Thompson.

..... loved reading lots of blogs - the success of Mrs Twins and the lovely blankets she is making, Lucy's beautiful zig zag blanket, to name just two.

.... enjoyed enormously the lovely comments left after my post about my chickens that I had!


.... had some new lovely followers join me - Thank you to you all!

.... enjoyed the lighter evenings now the clocks have changed (even though it has not been any warmer)

.... found this sad looking little pot in a charity shop and decided it needed a Decopatch makeover

...... soothed myself with the gentle repetitiveness of this lovely craft

..... was very pleased with the results of the soothing repetitiveness.

.... found a place to stash the easter eggs!

.... decided to go and spend a couple of days with 'Little Kimbles' at her flat near her Uni after Easter,  and do some 'girly' stuff - and may be able to persuade her to make another square for the SIBOL project. So therefore, I may not post until the end of next week.

Hope you all have a great Easter!

Speak soon xx


  1. Kim
    May I be the first to congratulate you!
    What a stunning basket!
    I thought she must have bought this herself, but no you transformed it! Oh my Goodness its simply wonderful.
    How lovely you have condensed your week into one post also!
    I do hope you have a nice Easter with your Family. I have been terribly busy loading up all the squares this week. I've had a ball!
    Give my love to little Kimbles :) and please enjoy yourselves.
    I just love your work,
    well done on your blog too, all these Followers, and all your widgets fantastico!!
    Hugs Suex

  2. Your basket looks fantastic! Have a lovely Easter break.


  3. Thank you Kim!
    Have a lovely Easterweekend too!

    Love the decopatched pot.

    ~X~ Karin

  4. Great job on the basket! A very nice transformation.

    Why do those boys grow up on us? Mine just turned 10. I can't imagine him being 19. Makes me weepy!

    Have a very Happy Easter!


  5. Love it all. The cake, the daffs, the beautiful Easter basket. Just makes me want to go make one :)

  6. I love the deco patch basket, clever you to spot the potential ! In answer to your question, I machine embroidered the union jacks and transferred the word that I had printed on the computer with the clever iron on stuff !
    Have a lovely Easter xx

  7. Love the basket.
    Have a great Easter.
    Cheers from Paris

  8. The basket looks great and what fun that it now has a new life
    Happy birthday to your son too

  9. the basket looks wonderful! so clever and i love the tree photograph.



  10. My son is 21 in July, I still remember the day he was born, in such detail. Have a lovely weekend away and lots of chocs!
    I love your basket. What did you use to make the beads?