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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Catching up!

Hello!  How are  you all?  I haven't posted since Easter and it feels like an aaaage! I hope you all had a great Easter and ate loads of choccie!!  I certainly did and now I am on the diet and keep fit road or else I will be crying when I try on my summer clothes!!!!  

Last week I spend several days with Little Kimbles up at her flat near her Uni and oh! it was lovely. We ate out at studenty type places, went to the cinema and shopped for a dress for her end of Uni party. On the last day I was there, we went for a walk up on the hill above the town

it actually felt quite warm and we both felt so happy that the summer is on its way!

then it was back down the hill to a small garden centre to share a smoothie

just lovely!

We didn't get much hooking done, so I have tried to catch up in the evenings now I am home, and my mini hex blanket is nearing completion, the last flower is about to be assembled

I have really enjoyed making these little hexagons and they join as you go like a dream!  I have to work out an edging for the blanket and  -  the dreaded sewing in of allllll the ends - yes I have been very lazy this time and have left all of the ends to be sewn in til last, and now I am regretting it , big time! Some have been crocheted in but loads haven't. 

I have been enjoying catching up with all the blogs, its amazing how much passes you by when you miss a few days in blogland!

Well tasks for today are shopping, work, and the dreaded decorating ugh!  we finished our ensuite bathroom over Easter and as I was away last week and so was hubby, we spent the last weekend sanding down, don't you just hAtE that bit!  the dust gets everywhere and it seems to take over the whole house!  Never mind hopefully it will soon be finished and I may even give you a peek if it looks at all presentable!

Speak soon xx


  1. o your visit sounds like so much fun, and i love your hexagons, i have never made them before, i believe you just inspired me to do so! have a great day!

  2. I had missed your little blog! Glad to see that you had a lovely time with your daughter ~ it's always nice to do some girly things together. Love the hexagons too and can't wait to see the finished results. Good Luck with all those horrid little ends though!! :O) x

  3. Don't you just hate those pesky little ends. I try to sew them in every sixth one I crochet. Also they seem to appear all around the house, lol!

  4. As always, it's so nice to see you back around. Yummie smoothie delights. Have to get out our blender now.

    I'm still trying to figure out the whole join as you go thing. If you know a good tutorial let me know.

    Have a great day,

  5. Nice to see you back Kim, sounds like a lovely Easter holidays. I keep meaning to crochet all the ends in but I never do them all either !
    Louise xx

  6. Hi Kim, so nice to see you back :) Glad you had a lovely visit with your daughter. I still have not had a chance to try the mini hexagons yet as I am in baby blanket mode, but once they are done, hexies are at the top of my list!

  7. Hi Kim,
    Your hexagons are gorgeous. I love the colours. What a nice little project to do.
    So pleased too you had a good time with your Daughter.
    I hope she too enjoyed the visit from her Mom, what a lovely week you spent together. Nice quality time!
    Hugs and Love Suex

  8. Hi Kim!
    Welcome back in Blogland!
    You had a great time with your daughter, the smoothies look yummie!
    I know, the ends...always too many of them... don't like them either! We should invent some kind of invisible glue...
    Have a great evening!
    ~X~ Karin

  9. Can't wait to see the hexagon all joined together. I always try to crochet over the ends as I go to save sewing them in. There is still ones that have to be done, but at least its reduced. You know we could make it out of one colour and not have ends :-)
    I think finding out to do join-as-you-go has been my find of the century - yes that big
    Nice to spend time with our adult children