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Friday, 29 October 2010

The Tale of the Shelf

Hello!  As you know this last couple of weeks I have been decorating and dear hubby, who has been busy with work, dips in and out and offers advice (not always taken) and generally chivvies me along.  Well a couple of times I suggested things he could do to assist.  Well the other week I came home to find this shelf, which he had put up in on our kitchen wall.

"How handy you say" and "well done", but the truth is, I had put this out to go to the charity shop - he decided we needed another shelf - "you could put more cookery books on it "he said

As you can see, we already have rather untidy cookery book shelves, do we really need another one?

I mean there is a veeeery loooooong list of "Things To Do", and that wasn't even on the bottom of it - male and female brains, work sooooo differently!!!! Do you find that? hehe!

So "The Shelf" sat empty for a while, while I decided what to put on it.  Every time I went out with my friend, we searched for the perfect thing to adorn "The Shelf".................................................. then last week I found this in a lovely little shop in my local town of Lewes. 

I brought it home and placed it on the shelf............................................sadly it looked a little lonely!

A few days later I just had to give this little red hen a mate...................so back to the shop I went and voila!

This continues the "Hen" theme in my kitchen...

It took a few days before dear Hubby even noticed that "The Shelf" had been filled, but he approved, aaah I just love him!

Next week I will show you the finished Granny Stripe blanket, I am slowly finishing the edging, I am trying to finish off a couple of projects which I started ages ago, before I start on something with the African Pansies (incidentally thank you for your comments on that pattern, I will do a tutorial at some stage!)

Have a lovely weekend, the clocks go back so an extra hour in bed yay!

Speak soon xx

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My One Year Birthday Give-Away Winner!

I there dear Blogettes, I have finally got round to drawing the prize for my little give away. 

And the winner is..................................................

Well done Helsie!!!!!!!!  Could you please contact me with your address via the email and a little something will be winging its way to you in Australia!!!!

Last week I had this mad idea, that I would decorate our dining room, so I stripped off the wallpaper and then, had that feeling 'I wish I hadn't started this!'  Do you get like that, well no going back now - so inbetween working I have been slapping the paint on, then there are curtains to make.  I wanted a nice cosy by sunny theme because our house can be rather dark so this is the combo

I think it will be really nice when it is done, but getting to that point................well that is another matter.  I am typing this with a wrist support on, because my hands are still sore and of course, I shouldn't decorate, or crochet or anything else for that matter, but I JUST CAN'T NOT DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!   My Doc has referred me to the Hand Clinic at the Hospital, so I am waiting for an appointment.

I have been doing a little crochet and it is great to be able to show you a teensy weensy something

This is a work-in-progress, two African Flower motifs in red and gold cotton.  I plan to crochet them together and add a hangy uppy bit and then stuff it with Christmassy stuff, like cinnamon, and cloves, and hang them on the Christmas tree - I think this will look really pretty - may try a white and silver one too. 

Talking of African Flower motifs I have played around with it and made a square shaped motif based on the African Flower (looks more along the lines of an African Pansy to me).  Its literally "an experiment" but I think this is the next motif for me to make a blanket or something. I really think motifs are much easier to tackle when there are hand issues. Anyway, what do you think of these?

African Pansies!  Cute aren't they?  I think they have real PoTenTiaL!  

What else has been happening around the Kimbles household?  Pantomime rehearsals have started and this year myself and Little Kimbles will be in it - there is endless playing of  songs and trying to learn the lyrics and dance moves - Mr K is a little tired of it already hehe!!!!  But do you know the best part?  Rehearsals are on a Sunday afternoon - and Mr K cooks a fabulous roasty dinner for when us tired singers and dancers arrive home - therefore I have to keep doing it until at least I am eighty!!!

Its so lovely to catch up with you all and actually have a little bit of crochet to show you!!! 

Will post again soon with the tale of "The Shelf"

Speak soon xx

Friday, 8 October 2010

A Year Old Today!

Hello!!! I don't quite know how I have got there, but my little bit of cyberspace is one year old today.  Whilst thinking about what to write in this post, my daughter said I should focus on all of the positive things which have come out of blogging. 

So here are some lovely country flowers and herbs for you - my bloggy friends which I have made over the past year.  I have to give special mention to Mrs Twins and The Garden Bell who have given me much encouragement over the year and of course to Lucy at Attic 24 who even though we don't chat directly, has inspired me so much!

I have learnt so much too, from patterns to recipes, to how to do more of the more complicated stuff on blogger, it has been a pleasure.

Of course another highlight has been taking part in the SIBOL project and although I haven't been able to take as much as part as I would have liked in the last few weeks (don't mention the sore hands - be positive!!) I am really proud to have sent a few squares and be a "Sibolette".

I would love to do a little blog giveaway, so if you leave me your name I will choose a winner at the end of next week.  I am not promising it will be anything crocheted as that is a difficult area for me at the moment - but it will still be something nice!

This week I have been pickling onions, which is quite sweet because my very first post was on the same subject - the years take on a sort of pattern don't they!

It was raining the day I did these - I usually sit outside, so instead I just cried my eyes out indoors!!!!

Leave them overnight sprinkled with salt

Next morning, rinse off and pack into sterilised jars, adding malt vinegar and a spoonful of sugar to take the bite off - and there you are!

I have also been making rolls at home too.  I have a Panasonic Breadmaker and we use it loads to make our bread, but recently I have been making the dough

Then making rolls - ok they don't look like shop ones, but they are very tasty!

Also made some of the lovely oatie cookies which I got from the Attic24 blog - these have become firm favourites in our house, and they are so quick to do

So I have been doing stuff, but just not quite the stuff that is my first love!!

It has been so lovely catching up with you all - one year on, what a special year.

Speak soon xx