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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My One Year Birthday Give-Away Winner!

I there dear Blogettes, I have finally got round to drawing the prize for my little give away. 

And the winner is..................................................

Well done Helsie!!!!!!!!  Could you please contact me with your address via the email and a little something will be winging its way to you in Australia!!!!

Last week I had this mad idea, that I would decorate our dining room, so I stripped off the wallpaper and then, had that feeling 'I wish I hadn't started this!'  Do you get like that, well no going back now - so inbetween working I have been slapping the paint on, then there are curtains to make.  I wanted a nice cosy by sunny theme because our house can be rather dark so this is the combo

I think it will be really nice when it is done, but getting to that point................well that is another matter.  I am typing this with a wrist support on, because my hands are still sore and of course, I shouldn't decorate, or crochet or anything else for that matter, but I JUST CAN'T NOT DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!   My Doc has referred me to the Hand Clinic at the Hospital, so I am waiting for an appointment.

I have been doing a little crochet and it is great to be able to show you a teensy weensy something

This is a work-in-progress, two African Flower motifs in red and gold cotton.  I plan to crochet them together and add a hangy uppy bit and then stuff it with Christmassy stuff, like cinnamon, and cloves, and hang them on the Christmas tree - I think this will look really pretty - may try a white and silver one too. 

Talking of African Flower motifs I have played around with it and made a square shaped motif based on the African Flower (looks more along the lines of an African Pansy to me).  Its literally "an experiment" but I think this is the next motif for me to make a blanket or something. I really think motifs are much easier to tackle when there are hand issues. Anyway, what do you think of these?

African Pansies!  Cute aren't they?  I think they have real PoTenTiaL!  

What else has been happening around the Kimbles household?  Pantomime rehearsals have started and this year myself and Little Kimbles will be in it - there is endless playing of  songs and trying to learn the lyrics and dance moves - Mr K is a little tired of it already hehe!!!!  But do you know the best part?  Rehearsals are on a Sunday afternoon - and Mr K cooks a fabulous roasty dinner for when us tired singers and dancers arrive home - therefore I have to keep doing it until at least I am eighty!!!

Its so lovely to catch up with you all and actually have a little bit of crochet to show you!!! 

Will post again soon with the tale of "The Shelf"

Speak soon xx


  1. Oh Kim How lucky is this? And I never win anything usually but for the life of me I can't find an email address for you anywhere. I must be very dim I think.
    By the way the idea for Christmas decorations sounds lovely to me and I can just imagine the Christmassy smell too.
    I'm going to search around some more for this email address.

  2. Lucky Helsie, congratulations!

    Kim, your African Pansies are fabulous. Pattern......please?!?!!!
    Hope your hands get well soon.
    ~X~ Karin

  3. They are lovely motifs I am really liking the little african pansies. And pantomine how cool, I keep thinking of joining some am-dram or other but never quite get round to it(lot like the slimming club!)

  4. I love the square african pansies!!
    Can you help the rest of us to make some??????

  5. I really like your decorating combo and think it will work very well. Yes, can you share your pattern for the african pansies?

  6. I know how you feel about the decorating. We have half our lounge decorated at the mo. One wall is papered and now the rest will have to be papered as when I started painting the plaster went all funny and now it looks a mess! So that amongst other things is my plan for this weekend! More wallpapering! Wonder if your hand problem might be carpel tunnel - my mum used to knit loads and this caused it for her?


  7. I love your little Christmas decorations - so pretty. As are the African Pansy - great idea.
    But it is so sad about your wrists - hoping they find a quick and very easy fix for it

  8. I love the christmas decoration and the African pansy is very pretty too. I do hope the hospital can sort your wrist problem out, how can you rest your hands, quite impossible.

    It's funny with decorating, all the energy seems to be up front, rather you than me!
    Jak x

  9. Well Done to Helsie for winning the giveaway prize! Love the African pansy squares and would love a pattern too! :O) x

  10. Kim , I've clicked on the subscribe option. Don't know if you will get this or not. This may give us a pathway

  11. Hello Kim,
    I was just popping in to see if there was anything 'new'. Didn't see my comment. I don't know whats going on. I am back to normal I thought.
    Anyway, superb post. Love your crocheting. These smaller projects are just as nice as a BIG ONE!

    Congratulations to Helsie! I understand now why you said I had been quiet. Sorry about that.
    I thought I had posted.
    love Suex