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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Thank you Karin - I will Pay It Forward!

Hi there,  I just looked at my blog and realised I haven't posted since the 3rd of November!  I have been solidly decorating and have at last finished the wallpaper scraping, rubbing down, washing down, painting, painting and painting!  I was getting a tad fed up with it but, now the end is in sight, I am moving furniture back in and now have the curtains to make.

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my Granny Stripe blanket, it was really lovely of you to take the trouble to comment as there are soooo many Granny Stripe blankets out there at the moment, so thank you again, it is much appreciated.  I am slowly working on a new project which I am hoping to share with you all soon.

In the midst of the Kimbles chaos, a surprise arrived from lovely Karin :-

A package, because I had left a comment on her blog when she did her Pay It Forward.

Inside was sooooooo.........................................Dutch!!!!  Fabulous  have a peeeeeek

Gorgeous blue and white, and wait......................

A hand made coaster for my teapot (actually it is waaay to nice to put my teapot on!)  and look at that lovely little tag she had made with beads adorning it!

There were also two Dutch pot holders, can you see the little couple kissing and the lovely windmill? 

Karin, I can't thank you enough, you certainly made my day. 

So .........

Now it is my turn to Pay It Forward, so if any of you would like to take part, just leave me a comment and after lets say a week, I shall send three of you a little something to brighten your days too!  Then of course it will be your turn to do the same.

Take care all of you

Speak soon xx

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Granny Stripe - Finished - At Last!

Hi everyone, I popped by to show you the final result of my Granny Stripe blanket.  I started this waaay back in the summer on a Crochet-Along with Attic24, but it proved to be not very forgiving for my hands and I had a huge break from it and since then I have done a little here and there.  It was crying out to be finished and I sooooo wanted to - it was really frustrating - in fact I fell in and out of love with it, I just wanted it to be a completed project!  Now it is!

Ta Dah!

Boy, am I glad that project is over!  Now I will concentrate on something much smaller I think!  I decided on an one colour edging with a picot trim

So now it has taken its place in our conservatory with mini hexagon blanket - waiting for a cold day so we can snuggle up together!

Our house is chaos at the moment because I in my infinite wisdom decided the dining room and lounge needed decorating ( you may remember me showing you colours and fabric in my last post)  well I have finished the decorating in the dining room and we have now started on the lounge, sadly the wallpaper is holding on fast to the walls, so there is much steaming and huffing and puffing whilst trying to get it off hehe!!  I keep saying once the preparation is done it will be all plain sailing - don't think hubby is quite as enthusiastic about it as me, I have done most of it - just don't think men see any need to decorate at all!!!  I think despite the upheaval, its great to scrape off walls or paint and have music blaring out  to sing along too - yes a very jolly time could be had.........................

Speak soon xx