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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Two WIPs Make the Finish Line!

Hello, just a quick post today to let you know that two of yesterdays WIPs have made it to the finish line!!!

The cake looks good, I am having to fight off hubby and the boys who think I can "trim" bits off for them to eat already!


finished the flowers brooch, think I might make some more as presents, because they are quite cute.

Well I am waiting on my wool to arrive by the post - so that could take a while with the postal strike so I will just have to start something else wont I!!!

Have a good day!

Speak soon xx

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

From Hooking to Cooking

Yesterday I went to buy some wool to start the cot blanket I have been gearing myself up to for some time but when I got to the shop I was a little taken aback as to how much it would cost, so came home and did some research on line and found it a lot cheaper - an order has been placed and we will see what arrives.  So last night I had a little play around with the flowers and leaves that Lucy over at Attic24 designed.  I have a stash of fine crochet cotton

which I found in a charity shop for a pound the lot, a couple of weeks ago, bargain I thought.  I have forgotten how pretty fine crochet is but I must admit doing it late in the evening is quite hard, even with my glasses on!!!!!!

This is a far as I got last night a WIP, will hopefully do some more this evening.  It was quite late when I sat down to make these flowers and leaves because I had embarked on another WIP, this one is a very secret WIP, its a cake, a very special cake, not a christmas cake, but a birthday cake.  I spent quite a while weighing and sorting the fruit last night, picking it over for stalks and then leaving it to soak in brandy overnight.  It was a labour of love, and it will be a labour of love:-

because this cake will be for my Mum who will be 80! between christmas and new year.  I have decided to have a surprise family get together for her, she has no idea and will be bowled over!!!!!!!!  Its soooooo exciting !!!!!!  My kitchen looked a bit of a mess during cake preparation

lovely cat Thompson ( I will tell you about him another time) wanted attention, but no he will have to wait til later!!!!

Finally everything was mixed and the cake ready to go into the oven for four and a half looooong hours

I cannot show you the cake because it is still in the oven, and now I am slightly apprehensive, hoping the middle will be cooked, I wont burn it etc, but it smells lovely so fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!  I will show you the results tomorrow.  I wanted make the effort for my Mum who made both mine and my brother's wedding cakes many years ago, and also all of her grandchildren's christening cakes.  I am NO domestic goddess so you will have to see how I get on with the icing nearer to christmas.  I must admit though, it has been a blissful afternoon, doesn't happen very often!!!!!

Have a great day whatever you do

Speak soon xx

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Ripple Delight

Hi there, I spent last night sewing in these:-

its a tad tedious sewing in ends don't you think? you do need a good programme on TV or a film to watch - but hey its done now and I can show you the finished ripple cushion for my daughter. I can tick that project off the list now! 

This was originally the front of the cushion,

but I thought I would make a feature of the back and I found these three decorative toggle buttons in my tin and I am rather pleased with how it has turned out.  I hope my daughter will love it. She is popping back from Uni this weekend, so wont have to wait long for it.

Today I will try and find time to go to the wool shop in our nearest town to buy wool to make the cot blanket I mentioned before - that is my next major project - although I may diversify into christmasssy makes, another Lucy bag etc, but I will have to be careful otherwise the baby will be a toddler by the time I have finished it.  At the moment I just can't get to grips with the fact I will be working in only one colour PINK!  after Lucy's wonderful colourful projects that I have completed lately one colour is going to be a challenge!

Oh well, must dash - shopping awaits and other homely chores today so have a lovely day whatever you are up to.Speak soon xx

Monday, 26 October 2009

Unexpected Saturday

Good Morning, now we are officially into winter!!  My Saturday weekend didn't turn out quite as I expected.  You may remember me talking about show and teach at our local village hall?  Well I got together lots of my crocheted items for show - I spent aaaaaggeees getting hubby to photograph my hands for a crochet guide which I called "A Little Guide to Crochet" writing it out, testing it, and I felt really chuffed with it.

I arrived in plenty of time and did some arranging, re-arranging and then arranging again. It became clear that it was more of a "table sale" than show and teach.  I had envisaged having chairs by me so that keen learners could gather round and I would hand out hooks and wool and one of my leaflets for them to have a go - but ohh noo !!!!!!! it was nothing like that, nothing at all!

To make matters worse, the weather was awful!  wind and rain, people obviously decided to stay snuggled up at home - most of the afternoon the place was near empty!  I would have loved to have said to you all that I taught several people and encouraged others to have ago - but I must be honest and say it didn't happen!!!!!!!!!

Still every cloud has a silver lining and I was able to sit with my dear Mum and while away 5 hours crocheting and chatting and drinking tea and enjoying the odd scone with jam and cream, without feeling the slightest bit guilty!  It couldn't have been that bad after all!

The ripple cushion grew and grew, and now all I have to do is assemble it.

It really made me appreciate how nice it is to be in contact through blogland and flickrville with people on the same wavelength, ones who get excited at creating something, who like to praise the work of others, who love to drool over a stash of wool - daft I know, but I am glad.  Have a great day!

Speak soon xx

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Pumpkins & Shawls

Hello - just a short post today, I seem to be soooooo behind with everything!!  I need to get myself sorted out for the show and tutor session on Saturday - panicking slightly because I had planned to write a short guide to crochet together with photos of "moi" with hook and yarn in hand for those who are interested in a take away. Waiting on younger son (over 6ft tall) to take piccies  but we never seem to be in the same room at the same time!  I have drafted the guide so must crack on with it.

Did buy these this morning at our local village shop

Mummy Pumpkin and Baby Pumpkin.  Its ridiculous of me to buy two to make lanterns next week, especially as my "kids" are 23, 22 and 18!! but I still love the glow of them (the lanterns that is - not the kids) so I shall carry on in my own sweet way, and I will make lots of soup with the insides.  Excuse the state of the garden table it is a recent "pre-loved" buy which I will renovate next spring, although I quite like the shabby chic-ness of it!

Sorted out a couple of shawls that I made, the green one I made for my mum and the white one I made for me and I have used it so much, it has been brilliant - its been on smartish holidays and lots of camping holidays and looked equally at home on each.

Quite a pretty pattern don't you think?

I am hoping to be sooo organised by this evening that I can spend the time rippling.  I hope whatever you do today you have a great time

Speak soon xx


Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Goodies Old and New

Good Morning, Im up early and its dark and I can hear the rain pitter pattering outside ugh!  although it  does make you feel cosy if you haven't got to go out in it.  Thought I would let you see the goodies I bought yesterday.

A lovely little memo pad which says "Home Sweet Home" at the bottom and this

I love these dolls, I have a small collection of them which I will show you sometime but this caught my eye and is a money box.  I will be able to have it on my desk and put all my spare change in it to save for wool!!! Great!

I have told you that I am getting ready to show and teach some crochet on Saturday in our local Village Hall and I have to take some items that I have made.  My Mum sorted out some stuff that I have made for her some of which I had forgotten about and what a joy to suddenly see these items again after quite a few years, but they have stood the test of time - and I think I will revive them when I get the time. The first one is a pin cushion

The fabric is crocheted around with a very fine crochet hook and fine cotton. The second item is this lavender sachet

This too was done with a very find crochet hook and fine cotton - I used to make stuff like this with a friend and we used to sell them on a little craft stall just as a hobby.  I stopped when she sadly died, but it is lovely to discover these again after all these years. Suppose I had better get on with the days work - and hopefully fit in some rippling.

Have a lovely day, speak soon xx

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Lovin the Ripple!!

Been rushing around today doing mundane things - trying to fit the odd stitch inbetween - you know how it is. But I must tell you how I am loving the Ripple.  I did a trial with the ripple stitch and made it into this glasses case:-

a few weeks ago, but doing a small sample doesn't really get you into that "wavey" mode does it?  Anyway I decided that the wool that I had to make a cushion for daughter was going to be a ripple cushion.  I started it a couple of nights ago:-

Ohhhh! the ripplesome joy - now I know why so many of you love rippling - its so theraputic, the motion of it, but also the neat order of it - LOVELY!  so now I am hooked so to speak, but I will have to tear myself away for a while, after the cushion is finished because I have to work on the cot blanket - if you remember a friend as asked me to make one for her baby grand daughter.  I have finally decided to make the blanket in treble relief stitch which makes quite a dense but light fabric and it will be baby pink which will be a bit strange after all the colour I have been working with lately!

Sorry the piccie isn't very clear but you can see that it makes a sort of "wafflee" type fabric and I shall do a nice edging around it.

I have been into town today to look for a couple of birthday presents (left it last minute) and I just happened to see a couple of items that just screamed Buy Me!:  I tried to walk away but it was no good, I had to buy them - I will show you tomorrow what is in the bag:-


Finally I will leave you with a picture of the lovely flowers I bought today - they were reduced and although I am not usually a fan of chrysanthems (remind me of sad times) I love the colours of these and they go so well with the deep red don't you think?

Enjoy your afternoon, speak soon xx

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Sunday Excitement


I wouldn't normally be posting on a Sunday but I had to show you the lovely wristwarmers I made this weekend from Lucy at Attic 24. The wool I got in London last weekend to make flowers and leaves has been used for the wristwarmers instead - much better idea!!!

I do find wristwarmers invaluable when the cold weather arrives, particularly when sat at the computer so this simple pattern from Lucy is ideal. 

Mine are made with Debbie Bliss Prima which is a mixture of Merino Wool and Bamboo! they are lovely and soft.

I will definitely be making more of these - I might try vertical stripes for a change to see how that looks, I wish I had bought more of this wool now - I could have made leg warmers, hat and scarf to match! never mind.

I have now started the neat ripple stitch cushion for my daughter and this week I am preparing to do a stint at my local village hall showcasing hobbies and crafts - guess what I am showcasing - CROCHET - so I am trying to put together a short guide to crochet - very simply and I will go armed with my leftover bits of wool and some of my precious hooks and see if I can teach anyone  ( I have never taught anyone before and was asked to do this!!) - I would be happy if ONE person finds the joy in it that I have.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

Speak soon xx

Friday, 16 October 2009

Feeling Fridayish


I am so glad its Friday!!!!!  I love that feeling of the weekend just around the corner - and all the lovely stuff  one can do over the weekend without feeling guilty, like hooking, lazing in a cosy chair with coffee and cake or chocolate, going out and browsing around the shops for no particular reason - bliss.

This morning I went for an early morning walk with my friend and her dog - it was a bit murky and I was dying to take some piccies to show you but I will have to expand on that when its a sunny day, but did manage a couple  - hope you like sheep - there seems rather a lot of them - think I need a photography course!

Last weekend when I went to London with my daughter I visited the Liz Earle shop in Dukes Square - I loooove her products all natural and yummy smelling

I treated myself to, the orange flower body wash which is divine, really luxurious and the smell is orangy and flowery if you get my meaning (obvious really!). The other item is pinky lip gloss which I have yet to try but looks good.

They wrap it all up in tissue paper and put in the lovely bags. Great for presents - except I always seem to keep them.

I am not loving my idea for the cot blanket I told you about - think I need a rest from it to re-think, so this weekend have decided on daughter's cushion, its going to be a ripple pattern one.  I have only tried rippling once and made my sample into this glasses case

I have several shades of purple to make it in so will hopefully show you the results next week.  I hope you have a lovely weekend whatever you get up to.

Speak soon xx

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Sunflowers and Swatches


Its a beautiful sunny day here in the Sussex countryside - heartwarmingly bright - a joy to be here!

I couldn't resist showing you these:-

still flowering on my doorstep - don't think they have realised it is Autumn.  Also look at these:-

I'm a bit of a Sunflower girl, me, whenever we go to France on holiday in the summer , I can't wait to see the fields of Sunflowers and my family are used to me "going on" about happy sunflowers (heads up) and sad sunflowers (heads down) - well the ones in my conservatory are certainly happy - makes you want to drink in the lovely yellow colour before we get to the dark days ahead.

Daisyfish left me a nice message asking about the yarn I used for my summer garden blanket and cushion.

Its Cygnet DK in 100g balls and is 100% acrylic.  I was looking for a supply of wool which isn't too expensive and came across this in my local Hospice Shop - I have seen it in other Hospice Shops and so I think they must get a special rate.  It is under £2.50 for a 100g ball so is dead cheap to make blankets and comes in a brilliant array of colours, and of course, it's helping to raise funds for the Hospice.  I do allow myself to splash out on Rowan or Debbie Bliss sometimes, but I wouldn't be able to make as many things due to budget!

Update on the baby cot blanket - last night I quickly made a swatch

There are two different types of cluster in there to experiment - am undecided about this one so will make a couple more swatches to see if they please me more.

Whatever you are up to today, have a good one!

Speak soon xx

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Lucy Bag Ta Dah!

Hi there, thanks for peeking into my blog

Have finished my Lucy bag  as in Attic24 - I squeezed in some time this afternoon to finish the handles and sew them on, then I raided this:-

my Mum's button tin - which she has passed on to me.  Its amazing what memories a button tin holds, there was a button from my school  mac amongst others, which considering I am now 50 has been in there a long time! Anyway I chose some buttons which I think were from my Nana so even older and here is the finished bag:-

Its Certainly colourful!  I wish I had made it in a stronger, thicker yarn, but maybe next time.  I have already filled it with wool - I don't think it could cope with anything much heavier!

Now on to the next project.  I have been planning the cot blanket I mentioned the other day and have drawn the design for a square out on paper the drawing below comprises of four squares:-

Each square has clusters in the shape of a heart in the middle and clusters around the edges.  I will do a sample square to see how it looks and to work out how many I will need to make, and maybe show you tomorrow.

My other project ready to start is a cushion for my daughter.  I have picked these colours

because this is the colour scheme in her bedroom.  Can't decide whether to try a ripple cushion along the lines of the very pretty one that Mrs Twins made, or different coloured granny squares, hmmm will give it some thought.  Thank you for the nice comments I have had already, didn't expect anyone to even find me!!

Speak soon xx

Tuesday, 13 October 2009



On Saturday my daughter was setting off back to Uni and as she didn't have too much on until Tuesday it was suggested that I go back with her:-

I looked in my diary - it was empty:-
I looked at the ironing pile - it was relatively small:-
I looked in the fridge - there was food for the men of the house:-

Hubby told me to go and he would pick me up on Monday night - so I did!

I threw some clothes in a bag - grabbed my crochet and off we went. We arrived quite late on Saturday and snuggled down in our PJs and chatted.

It was sooooo girlie! I loved it.  We were up early because my daughter had an important appointment in London. I went with her and whilst she was busy I shopped and walked - gosh it was tiring.  I did manage to sneak up to the haberdashery dept in Peter Jones

And couldn't resist buying these:-

I thought these colours would make some lovely crochet small flowers and leaves for brooches. Then it was time for some refreshments so off to Dukes Square for some:-

It was a lovely time.

Now I am home and this morning I couldn't resist taking some photos of the garden, even though it is well into October it is a joy to see this:-

and this:-

and this:-

still looking beautiful in the garden.  I hope where ever you are - your October is just as lovely. 

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to show you my finished "Lucy" bag - just got the handles to do.

Speak soon xx