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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Sunflowers and Swatches


Its a beautiful sunny day here in the Sussex countryside - heartwarmingly bright - a joy to be here!

I couldn't resist showing you these:-

still flowering on my doorstep - don't think they have realised it is Autumn.  Also look at these:-

I'm a bit of a Sunflower girl, me, whenever we go to France on holiday in the summer , I can't wait to see the fields of Sunflowers and my family are used to me "going on" about happy sunflowers (heads up) and sad sunflowers (heads down) - well the ones in my conservatory are certainly happy - makes you want to drink in the lovely yellow colour before we get to the dark days ahead.

Daisyfish left me a nice message asking about the yarn I used for my summer garden blanket and cushion.

Its Cygnet DK in 100g balls and is 100% acrylic.  I was looking for a supply of wool which isn't too expensive and came across this in my local Hospice Shop - I have seen it in other Hospice Shops and so I think they must get a special rate.  It is under £2.50 for a 100g ball so is dead cheap to make blankets and comes in a brilliant array of colours, and of course, it's helping to raise funds for the Hospice.  I do allow myself to splash out on Rowan or Debbie Bliss sometimes, but I wouldn't be able to make as many things due to budget!

Update on the baby cot blanket - last night I quickly made a swatch

There are two different types of cluster in there to experiment - am undecided about this one so will make a couple more swatches to see if they please me more.

Whatever you are up to today, have a good one!

Speak soon xx


  1. Hi Kim,
    Yes,I usually buy the budget wool. I go to HobbyCraft now. The wool I bought yesterday was Hayfield Bonus DK 100% Acrylic. £1.49 100gms. I can't really afford more expensive. Although I did use an expensive make for my crocheted flowers the pink and the terracotta colour. Or I go to the £1 shop its around the same price in there I think I pay but for the Cygnet. I'm finding difficulty really getting the colours I want, either too bright and shocking or just not suitable at all. I also use KIng Cole DK and that's another nice one. I mail order that from Yorkshire. They make up just as nice as the expensive. What really gets me annoyed is that these tiny balls are so expensive and they don't go very far at all. I usually stick to the economy wool. Have you been to HobbyCraft? It's worth having a look there. I have also used The Palette Collection in HobbyCraft which is around £1.59 for 100gms. Although I don't think the quality is as good. Love your blog, love the flowers. Well done!

  2. My friend Sue above pretty much has me dreaming of a trip across the pond just to see Hobby Craft... Looks like a great place to stop.

    Love you flowers still in bloom.. Ours are way gone already, lucky you.