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Friday, 9 October 2009

Friday Surprise

I went into town this morning and when I returned , this little gift had been left for me!  Is is a "thank you" for helping out for a couple of hours at the local village play scheme. 

Isn't it a pure joy when something unexpected happens like this?  It smells divine and I think I shall light it this evening when I have settled down to do some crochet.  Talking of which, I made this after being inspired by Lucy at Attic24, but made my own back for it as you can see:

When my daughter arrived home for the weekend from Uni she announced she would like one, but could I make the front similar colours to the back, to match her room - so I think this evening I will plan a different cushion front for her. I also have a friend who wants me to make a cot blanket for her grand-daughter but it has to be baby pink - so I will get planning that as well.  It's nice to have projects on the go.

Have a nice weekend
Speak soon xx


  1. Just found you over on Flickr for Lucy. Love your pillow... But, I'm really enjoying your previous post about the "pickled" onions. Hope you don't mind if I follow along.

    Don't you just love Lucy.

    The Garden Bell - Kate

  2. Gosh please do - thats so nice - cant believe anyone found me!PS Love Lucy