To you all, thank you for your company and your time

Thursday, 31 December 2009

Back in time to wish you all a Happy New Year

Hello, I have been away from my blogging much longer than I anticipated, the last couple of weeks have been very busy because as well as Christmas preparations, I had to prepare for my Mums surprise 80th party.  I will blog about the party next time. 

I hope you all enjoyed the festivities, as we did, such a simple family time much cherished. 

We played lots of silly games, wore paper hats and fell asleep before the middle of Harry Potter!  great day!

I hope you all had a great time too.  I know that I will soon have to take the decorations down but I love the Christmas lights and do miss them!  I know I am soppy!!

I must show you the finished COT blanket, managed to complete this just before Christmas so that my friend could give it to her daughter on Christmas Day

As you all know, I did struggle with this project but I was very happy with the final result.  The edging is in crab stitch, which I haven't done before, you make double crochets working backwards around the piece of work, feels really weird at first but makes a very neat edging.  The blanket was a success and the baby loves being wrapped in it, so I am happy.

My other project which I also finished just before Christmas was a glasses case for my friend, which I made up, she wanted quite a narrow one to fit in her evening bag

Sorry, second picture is a little blurred, but hopefully you can see.  I made it in crochet cotton adding twisted ridge stitch in cream. I lined the case and added a little pearl button.  I was chuffed with the results and my friend was pleased.

I am dying to tell you about the party and my cake and all, but I know I will rush it, so I will wait until the New Year, but Mum is still in shock!! he! he!

I am off to put my feet up for a while before we hit the village pubs tonight for New Year, so may I thank you for your friendship once again and hope that 2010 is full of special things for all of you and your families.


Have a good one!

A toast to you all!

Speak soon xx

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

I Just Couldn't Stay Away

I just had to come back to my computer for one last post before Christmas!!  This blogging lark is certainly addictive isn't it? 

The house has been organised chaos the last few days - I was feeling as if I hadn't made as much progress as I anticipated and as the snow came down last Friday I came down with the dreaded sore throat and cold.  So work was posponed until Monday which then puts everything out.  But never mind I am back on track now.

I have to thank Jackie at Button Tree Crafts for cheering me up no end on Saturday.  I was feeling drippy nosey and miserable, when the Postman delivered a parcel for little old me!


My name had been one of the ones picked out to win a birthday present for Jackies one year bloggy birthday!!

It was wrapped up in Rudolf paper with tiny bells on - how jolly!  and inside was :-

A very festive teatowel and a stawberry jam jotter which I looooovvvee and some chocolate which was very welcome - so a BIG Thank You Jackie a lovely surprise!

Today my daughter and I ventured over the Downs to Brighton for last minute bits for Christmas

it was stunning and peaceful on top of the Downs and the sky so blue.

the seafront wasn't too busy

the pier wasn't busy

 the sea was empty

in the shops

nightmare before christmas!!

enough said about that!

Before I go and carry on with the Christmas preps - quick update - the Cot Blanket is FiNiSheD!!!! it is just drying after being blocked, so I will show you photos after Christmas - needless to say I am really pleased to have finished it and I am pleased with the results! 

I have also been starting the process of royal icing my mums birthday cake hmm can't say it was easy to get the icing dead smooth on top - has taken me three goes but I am now quite happy with it and I am hoping to start the decorative icing sometime tomorrow. Earlier this evening I made pink roses to go in the centre of the cake

Just hope I can pull the whole lot together  without it looking too much of a mess!!!

Will let you know in the New Year.

Speaking of which - I will sign off now and speak to you all in 2010 - may I just wish all of you around the world a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year.  Here is to continued blogland friendship for 2010, the last three months have been a pleasure.

Speak soon xx

Friday, 18 December 2009

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Good morning and welcome to all you lovely blog world friends, thank you for your friendship over the last couple of months since I started blogging - I had no idea when I started, how rewarding it would be and how many lovely people I would get to chat to from all over the world - my how the world has shrunk!  Also a very warm welcome to any new readers, as today I am linking to Yiotas for a blogland Christmas gathering, so thank you for hosting this Yiota.

'When the snow lay round about, deep and crisp and even'  well today where I am is certainly just like the Good King Wenceslas christmas song

even Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer was finding it tough!

Very Christmassy indeed.

To, me Christmas is all about the family - I am at my most happy when the shops have closed on Christmas Eve, the presents are wrapped, the Christmas tree lights are twinkling, when I know that everyone is home safe and sound - listening to Christmas Carols on the radio, whilst sipping some wine and making minced pies, just simple pleasures of the season.  In fact that is my favourite time out of the whole of Christmas.  I try to be the last person up the stairs on Christmas Eve and as I contemplate turning the tree lights off I always think of those family and friends who are no longer with us and usually get a lump in my throat, but then after that moment of reflection, I go on to enjoy the fesitivities. 

Its a time for silly stuff like games, jokes and laughter.  We always watch the Snowman story, in fact the story is set literally just up the road from us and when we first moved here I imagined the little boy living in our house and it was magical telling the children when they were little that the Snowman was built in our village!!!  It is easy to imagine on a day like today when there is so much snow around! 

As you can see from the picture - the other film we laugh at is Elf, totally ridulous fun!

Before I go I would like to thank three very special blogland friends firstly Mrs Twins for her help, encouragement and friendship, The Garden Bell for her friendship and funny posts, and finally Lucy for inspiring me so much!

I hope that each and every one of you has a really lovely time this Christmas - and hope that we all have lots to look forward to in 2010. Wishing you all health, wealth and happiness!!

Speak soon xx

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Christmas Home

Today I thought I would give you a peek into our Christmas home - I loooooovveeeee decorating the house at this special time, and this year was no exception - we have an artificial tree which we tend to alternate with a real one - and this year its the turn of the artificial one

On this tree like most people, we have special decorations which prompt memories

This is from when the children were little and we would sometimes take the train to London, go to the theatre to see the magical ballet of the Nutcracker. Excited children all dressed up in their best clothes, completely hyper with the anticipation of the whole festive season! The wonderful ballet, the colours and the music! Aren't memories so special.

This is a reminder of when two out of three darlings were learning the trumpet, noisy happy times!

Each child had a robin nesting in our tree, and they still magically appear each year ..... and in these boxes are two very special ornaments just for me from a dear friend who endured Motor Neurone Disease,

They are called  "Li Bien" ornaments which means that they are painted from the inside through the small opening with a special brush and they are glass and exquisite, they are so pearly that my photos do not do them justice - they are very special to me!

and of course there are the additions which you may recognise from the last few weeks

Oooh this is making me feel all jolly! 

Feeling all festive now - I'm off for a mince pie

Speak soon xx

Monday, 14 December 2009

Kimbles is Home!!!

Hello and welcome! it feels good to be back home although suddenly there seems a lot to do before Christmas and much less time...... We did have a very nice week last week, just hubby and I at Center Parcs in Suffolk - his little birthday treat.  It didn't rain on us at all which was a minor miracle considering the previous 50 days had rained according to the news!  For those of you who haven't heard of Center Parcs they are holiday parks with villas set in woodlands and you are only allowed to bring your car in to load and unload - the rest of the time its walk or cycle.

The ducks come round each morning hoping for titbits - sometimes they are very happy ducks!!!

So we cycled and swam and played golf and generally chilled in an active sort of way!! 

Then I managed to do this to my back tyre! nearly went over the handlebars I did!  Get me a taxi I thought! but after some of this,

hubby maintenance, with me offering kind advice (as you do, and not always thought of as helpful)
yes, after much muttering and huffing we headed off for some much needed

this........... thats much more like it I thought!

I must say though, when you are cycling around the forest you do feel closer to nature and notice more of your surroundings and it is a very good feeling indeed

Oh yes, it was a lovely break - and here is a piccie I think some of you will enjoy

Hubby would like one of these in the back garden - we will think on about that one hehe, but the red telephone box is an iconic image here in the UK!

Of course, I managed some hooking in public whilst away - in the coffee house and by the pool, this is a little project I am working on as a present for a friend and also the, you-know-what blanket is almost ready to have the edging added yay!!!!!

Well there you are, a short glimpse of our few days away.

I must show you the wristwarmers that I finished for my friend for her birthday before we went away

I added a random twisted ridge stitch every few rows - the piccie doesn't really show it but it was effective and she really likes them - so that feels nice.

Oh one last super important announcement - youngest son passed his driving test first time last Thursday whilst we were away !!!! That is the third and final one so now three times the worry!  You do feel soooo happy for your offspring whatever their achievements!!

Well thats it for today - must run to catch up now - I have had great fun catching up with all of  your news, have a great day.

Speak soon xx

Friday, 4 December 2009

Bye Bye For Now

Hello!  As you can see, I do love Russian Dolls, and I have quite a collection of them which I have built up over the years, I don't open them up often and when I opened this Santa one today I had forgotten what was hiding within and it did bring a smile to my face, a festive smile that is!

I also put together these birds which I bought from IKEA last week, they are cute and the wings just thread through the body , such a simple idea.

I also dusted off this lovely Angel that a friend gave me last year, I love Angels and keep this out on my dresser all year round.  A blessing not just for my family but to all your families too!

I ventured out into the garden this morning in the hope of getting some washing dry (failed miserably!) and took a piccie of my brussel sprouts growing in the garden, this is the first time I have attempted to grow them and I think they will be ready for christmas dinner

The leaves look a bit chewed, but the sprouts look fine! you either love em or hate em and I love em!!!

I have been running around today trying to get organised because hubby and I are going away next week for his birthday treat to Center Parcs (his choice), to be honest I am in a bit of a panic about being away for five days at this time of the year, you know what it is like, have to get the house clean and tidy, need to get shopping in the for young men, make sure the cat has enough food, not to mention washing and ironing and work!!!!I think I shall get in the car and fall asleep (I won't be driving I hasten to add!)  - one good thing is I will take lots of crochet with me and hope to get things done! Of course I will take my camera and hopefully have some foresty piccies for you all when I get back.    I will try to read up on everyone's blogs whilst I am away, but doubt that I will be able to post.  Take care and thank you for dropping by and have a great week.  Speak soon xx