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Thursday, 3 December 2009

A Little Snowflake Flurry

A big HELLO to you all and a warm welcome to my new followers, thank you all for joining me.  I think this week is by far the quickest week EEVVEERR! I think I may have said that last week but this one is EVEN quicker!! Thursday already.  I have made progress in the evenings this week with my various projects and of course, I managed to fit in a project which wasn't even on my original list of projects, if you can keep up with that one.............. I fell InLoVe with the Snowflakes Lucy made on her blog so had to have a go. Luckily as I showed you previously, the hat and scarf for my friend was finished and I needed another break from the COT BLANKET!!!!  So it was Snowflake Time here,

By-the-way do you like my cute new scissors? I was christmas shopping and saw them and couldn't resist, I mean hubby wouldn't even know where to look for scissors like this, so I saved him the trouble, and after all with all us girls do for everyone else at this time of year, I think a tiny bit of retail therapy goes a looooong way!

A flurry of snowflakes, but I like them silhouetted on my lamp by my computer

They look great with the light shining through them don't you think?

The other project I have started is a pair of wristwarmers for another friend they are made with Rowan  Tapestry which is a mixture of wool and soya bean fibre! Different! 

I have added the odd row of ridge stitch to add a bit more interest and will let you know how they turn out.

Now for the blanket:-  I am getting there gradually - it feels like I have been making this forever! But the beauty of taking lots of piccies for a blog means that I can compare and as these piccies show, progress has been made yay!!!

Its coming along!

Thank you for dropping by it is absolutely fascinating speaking all you lovely people across the world, and a big Thank You to Sue, the lovely Mrs Twins for sending me her ripple pattern, I will give that a go in the New Year! 

Have a great evening, speak soon xx


  1. Hi Kim,
    Wow! You've been busy, I've been worrying about you! Bit quiet. Still I've popped over and pleased you got the pattern okay. Quite a lot of ladies asking for it, so we will be seeing a lot of ripples! These snowflakes are cutey cute! REally are beautiful and they look gorgeous in front of the light. You are coming along nicely with your other projects too, I'm pleased.
    Well thanks for everything, lovely to read your Christmasy post today!
    Hugs and Love Suex

  2. Wow the flakes look beautiful with the light shining through!
    Hoping to get mine strung up soon, although hvaen't yet made enough I don't think :o)

    lovely to visit with you

  3. I have been crocheting snowflakes to, so addictive!

  4. I love your stars with the light shining through them. Quite spectacular!
    I know you're not happy with the cot blanket. You think it's a bit boring but I LOve it! It is going to be so soft and beautiful and looks so thick and warm. keep up the good work.

  5. Thank goodness... it's not just at our end of the world either... I do think the weeks are going at a much faster rate of knots of late... of course our humidity doesn't help... do a little job have a break then back into it again... darn knacked, I is... lol But always got time to do a bit of crochet & have a lookC at others work... you sure have been making great progress... good on you... well back into some 'other' jobs... OOroo... B
    BTW I just love the scissors... will you wrap them so hubby can give them to you for Christmas - once you have finished your projects... cause that's what I do... wrap them for him or our furr baby to give me & 'he' doesn't even realise I've been using whatever for a month before... ya just gotta laugh or you'd cry... ha ha

  6. Oh how magical! I think your snowflakes have just put me in the mood for Christamas, which is quite an achievement you know, because I couldn't get my mojo together for the Christmas season! So thank you! Love Vanessa xxx

  7. The snowflakes look so pretty