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Monday, 14 December 2009

Kimbles is Home!!!

Hello and welcome! it feels good to be back home although suddenly there seems a lot to do before Christmas and much less time...... We did have a very nice week last week, just hubby and I at Center Parcs in Suffolk - his little birthday treat.  It didn't rain on us at all which was a minor miracle considering the previous 50 days had rained according to the news!  For those of you who haven't heard of Center Parcs they are holiday parks with villas set in woodlands and you are only allowed to bring your car in to load and unload - the rest of the time its walk or cycle.

The ducks come round each morning hoping for titbits - sometimes they are very happy ducks!!!

So we cycled and swam and played golf and generally chilled in an active sort of way!! 

Then I managed to do this to my back tyre! nearly went over the handlebars I did!  Get me a taxi I thought! but after some of this,

hubby maintenance, with me offering kind advice (as you do, and not always thought of as helpful)
yes, after much muttering and huffing we headed off for some much needed

this........... thats much more like it I thought!

I must say though, when you are cycling around the forest you do feel closer to nature and notice more of your surroundings and it is a very good feeling indeed

Oh yes, it was a lovely break - and here is a piccie I think some of you will enjoy

Hubby would like one of these in the back garden - we will think on about that one hehe, but the red telephone box is an iconic image here in the UK!

Of course, I managed some hooking in public whilst away - in the coffee house and by the pool, this is a little project I am working on as a present for a friend and also the, you-know-what blanket is almost ready to have the edging added yay!!!!!

Well there you are, a short glimpse of our few days away.

I must show you the wristwarmers that I finished for my friend for her birthday before we went away

I added a random twisted ridge stitch every few rows - the piccie doesn't really show it but it was effective and she really likes them - so that feels nice.

Oh one last super important announcement - youngest son passed his driving test first time last Thursday whilst we were away !!!! That is the third and final one so now three times the worry!  You do feel soooo happy for your offspring whatever their achievements!!

Well thats it for today - must run to catch up now - I have had great fun catching up with all of  your news, have a great day.

Speak soon xx


  1. Welcome Home Kim!
    So.....nice to have you back. It's been quiet on here. We're all busy. Glad you enjoyed your break. It sounds as though you've been kept busy. My brother goes there alot.
    Now Congratulations to your Son! Well done! Don't fret. It took both my daughters (shouldn't say really) 6 times each on the theory test. I thought they would never do it. Then Miss Twin 1. passed first time practicl. Miss. Twin 2. passed second time. They do it when they are ready Kim and not before!
    Pleased for him, now I expect it's a car! More worry for you.
    Glad you managed to do a bit of your favourite thing! I hope Hubby enjoyed himself too.
    Really pleased to have you back, catch up when you can with your blogs.....
    Hugs and Love Suex

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  3. Hi Kim, Glad you enjoyed your break away. I hope you are refreshed and ready for the busy time ahead.
    I know what you mean about 3 times the worry with sons driving. I was glad when mine reached 25 - seems to be a magic age for boys when they turn into mature sensible (?) men ( what did I say !!!does that ever happen ?)