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Friday, 29 January 2010

Lavender Sachets

Hello all, this week has been a bit of a struggle getting back to normal and doing 'ordinary' things after last week.  But I have enjoyed picking up my crochet hook again, and also a little sewing.  I have dusted off my sewing machine and would love to try some applique and patchwork when I get round to it.  It would be lovely to be rich enough to pay someone to do most of the chores and then I could be creative all day! instead of the odd snatched five minutes here and there ! 

There is not much light or colour around outside at the moment so these lovely hyacinths have brightened my day, raised my spirits and made me think that Spring will arrive soon,  and the perfume mmmmmm! divine.

I have managed little projects over the last couple of weeks , yes three lavender sachets, I dry lavender from a bush I have in the garden and then keep it in a jar ready for use - a lovely smell of Sussex summer in mid winter. 

My first one is from a very old pattern from years ago which to my delight I had forgotton about and then found a hand written scrap of paper in the bottom of one of my fabic bags - whoooppee !!  I was really pleased and here is my effort

It is crocheted with fine varigated cotton.  This one I sent to the lovely Mrs Twins as a little gift along with some crochet squares.  Check out her blog, she is assembling blankets for the elderly and accepting 6" squares for the project.

Second one is material with a bit of this and that added for an experiment really

and the third one got the idea from this lovely blog Bella Dia and added my own touches.

They are quite cute, I am pleased and they smell lovely. 

Must dash - need to clear out freezer we have had a bit of a disaster (don't ask!) I hope you all have a great weekend.

Speak soon xx

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Last Week

Last week was very busy and very exciting for me.  I was a chorus girl in our Pantomime and we did seven performances and I didn't forget my line once!  I did say line, I only had one but I was sooo nervous. Getting together with other cast members that I probably wont see now for months and spending lots of time together, giggling behind the stage curtains, squeezing into the wings (side of the stage) in silly costumes and over the top make up is much fun, and quite nerve-racking.  Most of the time we got our dance steps right and our song words in time, all in all a great time.  We did two performances on Saturday and once the show ended on Saturday night it was off to the pub for a little glass of something then on to the after performance party.  I have to tell you dear friends, I didn't get to bed until 3.30 am and then was back at the hall for 10 am for the huge clear up operation.  Yes we all muck in - nearly 240 chairs have to be put away, racks of costumes sorted and some bought home for washing, lighting has to be taken down, sets dismantled - a very busy morning.  But then it is off to the local pub again for a roast dinner, I have to admit, we got home at 6pm and I was asleep in the chair by 6.15pm he!he!   I have a couple of piccies for you of me in my costumes, there are all sorts of rules about photo taking so I wasn't able to get any of the performance, but hopefully you will get a tiny hint of what it was like.

The villager costume

The hareem costume (my legs aren't that big - its the baggy trousers - honest!)

Today is the first day I am starting to feel back to normality and if I am totally honest - it has gone a little flat.  But never mind only 9 months 'til we start rehearsing the next one, Oh yes it is!!!!!!

Speak soon xx

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Dishcloth Cotton Bedspread

A warm welcome to you all - today I thought I would show you the first really major project I undertook when I was in my early twenties and setting up home.

I crocheted this using Twilleys Dishcloth cotton and the pattern is made from clusters, I got the idea from a magazine and then designed my own pattern.  I can remember crocheting every evening after work and sometimes a lot at the weekend (this was before children!) I was so thrilled when I finished it and it looked lovely in our country style bedroom as was the trend of the time (about 25 years ago!) 

I packed it away several years ago when styles changed, I got it out a few months ago, and my daughter loves it and has decided it looks great on her bed which as you can see from the above photo, is true.  However if you look closely you will see a hole along one of the joins, this is where the cotton has disintegrated - over time and with much use, and I don't think I could have stored it correctly!  Some of the stitches have also gone so it will be a major restoration project for me if I can manage it! 

I have to admit, even though it is colourless, I do still love it very very much and I am so glad my daughter loves it too!!!

I have just thought, can I call it Vintage now it is so old!!!!!!!

Speak soon xx

Monday, 18 January 2010

Yes, Its Pantomime Time!

Hello, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for the answer to my 'Can You Guess' post last week!  Thank you for your comments and interest.  As you can see from the title its a Pantomime that I am in.  Our local society is putting on Dick Whittington and his Cat and it runs all of this week.  Although I live in quite a small village we put on a BIG Pantomime and the hall is packed out every performance with guests arriving from all over. 

I am just a teensy cog in a giant wheel, I  am in the Chorus and we have rehearsed every Sunday afternoon since last October (which is great for me because hubby cooks a fab roasty dinner for when I get in) . I have learnt 11 songs, 8 dances and 1 line lol!  the one line has caused me more butterflies than any of the rest.  

I expect some of you are not actually sure what Pantomime is -  its usually some kind of fairy story like Snow White or Jack and the Beanstalk and traditionally the main character is called the Principal Boy and is played by a girl!  the Dame is a very over the top character who wears outrageous costumes, wigs and make-up and is played by a man! the princess is played by a girl and there are numerous other characters, like the good fairy, the baddie and some kind of animal like a cow or a cat!  Pantomime always has a chorus (ours has about 20 people) who usually sing and dance and wear colourful costumes. It is full of silly jokes, slapstick and audience participation with cries such as "Its behind you!"

So there you have it, that is what I am up to this week and I have to say that even though I get quite nervous  I LoVe It!  I also have to tell you that this only the third year I have actually taken to the stage, before that I always did the make up for the cast members - but my friend and I decided to go for it and have fun and we haven't looked back.

So last week I gave you a glimpse of  my costumes, a standard villager costume and a variation on a hareem costume, hareem costume needed in Dick Whittington you ask?. anything is possible in Pantomime!

Sorry this is a pictureless post - can't find my piccies from last year and I havent had a chance to take any yet , its been so busy, but I didn't want to keep you waiting any longer! 

We have had the first performance yesterday and it went well.  There is no performance and then the show runs until the end of the week with two performances on Saturday.

Wish me luck - its amazing how difficult one line can be!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speak soon xx


Thursday, 14 January 2010

Can You Guess?

Hello, how nice of you to pop by to see what I am up to - I am pleased to say the snow is starting a slow thaw which brings welcome relief!

Today I thought I would give you a little peek into something else I have been busy with over the last few months.  All will be revealed on Monday but here is a glimpse

it has involved lots of stitching

old flowery fabics

vintage crochet shawl (not done by me)

lots of sparkly fabric and floaty fabric, lots of alterations

adding bits, and taking bits out

buying accessories

lots of 'bling'!

bright bright makeup, red red lipstick and black eyeliner

I'm nervous, but excited!

Can you guess?

Speak soon xx

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Back to Crochet

Hello dear blogland readers I hope you are all well.  This last week has been rather tricksy in the Kimbles household, what with the bad weather, then my computer gave up - then hubbys computer got a virus even though protected (be warned) we have all felt out of kilter.  My daughter couldn't get back to uni and hubby had some work cancelled because of weather - all in all a very weird week indeed, and a rather different start to the New Year than anticipated.  But one really good thing to come out of this is that I have inspired two people to take up the hook!  YeS little old me!! - a good friend of mine asked for a tutorial and is now happily making granny squares and the other one is my daughter, who a couple of times has tried and not had the patience, but this time snowed in and trying to get a relaxing break from uni work has mastered it!

She actually said how relaxing it was to crochet and that it took her mind off of all the impending work, I am really pleased!
I treated myself to these two books before christmas, I know lots of you have them, but I must say how much I have enjoyed reading them and trying out the patterns

Both by Jan Eaton they are worth every penny.  So I decided to make a few squares to send to Mrs Twins
for her charity blankets, I did modify some of the patterns

So Sue these will be winging their way to your door when I have blocked them!

I have started to make the back of a small cushion I was making using the pattern I got from the Garden Bell so I am doing this variation of a plain treble, quite effective don't you think?  I feel this would be nice in a stripe blanket...... will have to think about that one! 

Lots of clashing colours! Love it!

Now my major projects are finished, I have twitchy fingers trying to decide on the next one - I am leaning towards another blanket, but that might change tomorrow!

Before I go I want to say huge congratulations to Lucy at Attic24 on the safe arrival of her baby boy!  The picture of his tiny hand on hers actually brought a lump to my throat yesterday - stunning photo.

Stay snuggled, speak soon xx

Friday, 8 January 2010

Normal Service Resumes! Hello Everyone!

Hello to you all, and a special mention to my new followers, thank you so much for joining in especially as I haven't been able to post for a few days!  Thank you also for your lovely comments. I was really chuffed with your positive comments about my cake - really encouraging, and to MSW Jan, the balloons were Helium filled and tied at intervals to an invisible wire to make them go arch shaped!

I still don't have my main computer back, but have been using this old laptop and I am starting to get to grips with it so hopefully my blogging will be able to continue.  We are  FRoZeN here, as is all of the UK, never known anything like it, I must sound like a right wuss, as I know to a lot of you out there in the big wide world this is nothing but we are ...just....not...used...to...it!

Next a surprise for Sue take a peek, I finally managed a Mosaic, it took me rather longer than I anticipated but I am pleased with the result so, here it is - my Winter Wonderland Mosaic!


Lots of icicles in our garden, and some lovely snowy countryside.  It takes great effort to walk up the village at the moment because the snow is so deep, the roads are really icy

There is nothing for it but to snuggle up inside and try to keep warm!  I hope you are all doing the same and still have power, which thankfully we still do.  Well with much more snow forecast for the weekend, I should get some hookiness done, I am making some squares to send for Sue's charity blankets.

Ta Ta for now I need to go thaw my hands! 

Speak soon xx

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I will be back in action soon! (I hope)

Hi All

Just a very quick post to let you know that my computer is very under the weather and has gone for surgery!  I am upset about it and hope it gets better soon - Iam missing my blogging!  I have just sneaked onto hubbys computer to let you know the situation - I hope it gets better by the end of the week, once you have made blogland friends, you miss them when you cant gain access boo hoo!!! 

Hope you are all keeping warm in the very cold conditions - its snowing here again.  Hope you are all still there when I get my computer back!!!

Speak soon (I hope!!!)  xx

Friday, 1 January 2010

The Party

Good afternoon on the start of a new year and a new decade, welcome to you all, and to my new followers, its very nice to know you are out there!  I hope you have all had a great time over the festive period and looking forward to new beginnings.

Arranging a surprise party proved more involved than I anticipated - but I was sooo pleased with the outcome. 

My planning began back in October when I decided a surprise 80th party for my Mum would be a good idea, I wanted it to be like a Tea Party, I was determined to make a rich fruit cake and decorate it as Mum had made and iced our wedding cake 29 years ago.  As you may recall, it didn't all go smoothly, the first roses I made flopped, but I carried on practising.  I sought advice from a cake shop lady and practiced trellis work.  It took three attempts to get the royal icing smooth on top - but I got there

would you like to see the result?

Ta dah!

I was so relieved, the night before I iced it I hardly slept and had to get up at the crack of dawn to start because I just WANTED IT DONE!
The little white rose on the board was made by my daughter and we didn't want to leave it out.

I enjoyed Christmas, but was a little side tracked thinking about the last minute preparations and worrying about the weather, no good having a party if the guests can't get there!  In fact, my Aunt and Uncle who were coming from France couldn't come in the end because of the weather and travel disruptions, but they rang instead, which was lovely

On the day, my lovely daughter and sister-in-law were in charge of the sandwiches and a fine job they did too, and I made the floral decorations

a clever lady arrived to make a balloon arch

there was just time to dress up before the guests started arriving and then we had to wait for my brother to arrive with Mum, they were travelling down the M25 which was really slow and my nephew kept texting my son saying how far away they were, it was really exciting

When they pulled up on the drive all the guests kept quiet in the lounge and Mum came into the hall chatting about her christmas with my brother and his family, with no idea at all of what was about to happen.  She took off her coat and I took her hand and said lets go into the lounge opened the door and everyone shouted Happy Birthday!

she was so shocked I thought for a minute she might keel over!! 

it was a great moment

we had a lovely time catching up with relatives we hadn't seen for ages and friends and close family and the time flew by

I felt so happy at the end of it all and a little emotional, the weeks of planning paid off and it felt really good, to have pulled off such a great surprise!

Mum still is floating on air and can't believe all those people turned up for her.. she says thats it, now she is 80 she is handing over cake making to me because she was so impressed with my effort!

The balloon arch is still surviving to remind us of the day!

It was a nice way to end 2009. 

Happy New Year to you all!

Speak soon xx