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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Crochet Christmas Stocking - Tutorial


I can't believe it's Tuesday already, the weeks are flying by, Christmas is getting nearer and nearer.  I always have a burst of Christmassy activity around beginning of November ----- then I become a little complacent thinking I have bags of time -------  then around second week in December I go into panic mode wishing I had been more organised earlier!   

I thought I would give you the instructions for making the Christmas Stocking that I made last week. 

I think these are really cute and you could do all sorts of things with them, like make them into bunting as I did with the Snowman Tree Decoration or you could make 24 and pin them to a board and fill them with goodies and use them as an advent calendar. Or as my son suggested, they make great Christmas bootees for the cat! however the cat wasn't impressed with that idea!

Here are the instructions

Christmas Stocking Tree Decoration

I used double knitting wool and a 4mm hook

                                                                   ch      chain

                                                                   dc      double crochet
Make a ch of 30 stitches. Turn

Row 2      In second ch from hook work a dc.  Continue working dcs along whole length of chain.  Turn

Row 3      Make 2ch and in second st from hook work a dc.  Continue working dcs along rest of row. Turn

Repeat row 3 four more times.  Fasten off.

With wrong side facing work a dc in the 6th st from the beginning. Work dcs along row but finish on the 6th st before the end. Turn.

Continue working dcs on these centre sts.  Work 6 more rows.  Fasten off.

The finished piece should look like this.

Now fold the stocking toe to toe with right sides together and sew up the seam along the foot and over the toe and up the front.  Turn the stocking inside out.  This should give you the boot shape with a rounded toe.

To make the edging use white wool and start at the back rim of the boot.  You are going to work into second dc row down - so it makes a longer white stitch.

So work a row of dcs around the rim of the boot, in the above picture you can see where I have pushed the hook through - that is how far down you need to go.

Don't worry if the white stitches look like they are 'parting' a bit, it adds to the over all look.  When you get to the back of the rim of the boot, in the last dc make a chain of 20 and slip stitch it into place to make the hanging loop and fasten off.

There you are - a tiny Christmas Stocking ready to be filled with tiny goodies  - have fun.

Speak soon xx


  1. Kim,
    Your tutorial was excellent! Easy to understand. You've put a lot of work in to this. You can adapt it to do a lot of different things like you say. Do you ever crochet large ones for the family and put goodies inside? Maybe with initials on? Ideas we have plenty don't we? Good fun!
    Hugs and Love Sue x

  2. Thanks for this excellebt tutorial, I will try to follow it to see what can I do.

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Delightful Christmas decorations. My New Year's Resolution will be to learn to crochet so I can make all these lovely things. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  4. Another great tutorial. You are going to have a very very special tree this year, I can already tell.

    Off to get some yarn today. Will be looking at white/green/red that's for sure.

    Great job.

  5. This tutorial was just what I was looking for. I'm making a pair of these stockings as a last minute gift for my neighbours. They're so cute! Thanks so much for sharing this pattern...

    Holiday greetings from Holland!

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  7. question do you think i could do the same thing but bigger?