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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Stars and Ice (ing)

Good Morning! Thank you for dropping by.  This morning is actually a tad sunny for a change, the last few days have been sooooo wet.   I am feeling in a 'getting things done' sort of a mood, you know, around the house, I think its a pre-christmas clear up and clean.  Hopefully I will get the time for some hooking later.

I must show you my first attempt at making icing roses - as you may remember I have made a cake for my mum's 80th birthday in December and I want to ice it myself - I have made novelty birthday cakes for my kids but never a serious grown up cake! So on Sunday my daughter and I decided to have a go at making roses as a practice, oh dear! I don't believe blogging should always be about the perfect projects you should come clean and show the not so good ones too - and this wasn't so good...........................

We thought it would be easy but we struggled, laughed, made progress only for the petals to droop, and got ourselves into a gooey icingy mess! But we did have fun!!!

Anyway the upshot of this tale is, that we were using the wrong type of icing paste, so yesterday I found a cake specialist shop and I now have the right stuff, so later in the week I shall have another go, cripes if that doesn't work I may have to resort to fluffy snow peaks!!!!

I have finished my Grandma Stars from The Royal Sisters blog  which I found through Lucy and I am pleased with them, they go really well with the Snowmen.  I made them in crochet cotton and glitter cotton and I added an extra round to emphasise the 'pointy bits', because they looked too small in crochet cotton and when I blocked them I sprayed a little fabric stiffener on them, and hey presto they have come out really well.

I must say a thank you to Maria who mentioned me on her blog and made a snowman from my tutorial, I am glad it worked.!

Well I will leave you for now or else my 'getting things done' mood will rapidly diminish hehe! oh and if anyone is an expert at icing roses maybe you could give me some tips!!! 

Have a great day, speak soon xx


  1. Hi Kim!
    Lovely post! Sorry your icing didn't work out. But I'm sure it will be a success when you try again. I always have to do 'snow peaks' they cover up perfectly! I just love the stars, I love the gold too. They really look lovely with the Snowmen I think they finish it off beautifully. Wont it be lovely to see everyones homes at Christmas all decorated up. I'm sure, I hope everyone will be showing. Have a good day I hope a bit more relaxing for you.
    Wet here again, still we are lucky! Hugs and Love Suex

  2. The garland looks fantastic! So festive!!
    Last time I did those roses was when I was in High School - ahem, a few years ago, so I can't really help with advice. Good luck though

  3. Your garland of stars and snowmen looks fantastic. Clever girl!