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Friday, 27 November 2009

Seeing Stars!

This has been a bit of a 'Starry' week, I have been really enjoying making the Grandma Twinkle Stars from
The Royal Sisters blog, you saw the glittery ones that I made earlier in the week and last night I experimented with some IKEA cheap parcel ribbon and this is the result

A bit of a result I think!  The parcel ribbon one feels silky and shiny and quite strong so it would make a great coaster

A coaster for Christmas or could equally be used in the garden on a warm summer BBQ day.  It would also make great outdoor bunting to trim a garden umbrella of patio area.  I have to do these little projects inbetween, to keep relieve the monotomy of the cot blanket, which I have so say is making better progress and I will have an update on that next week. 

We visited IKEA earlier this week to get some new kitchen chairs (see above photo)  I kind of have a love/hate relationship with that store - sometimes I come out with loads of stuff I never knew I needed and can't live without - and other times I leave frustrated because they haven't got all the bits of something I need.  We arrived home with our boxes and set about putting the chairs together, cripes! I didn't realise a chair could come with sooooooooo many pieces, the lounge was covered in boxes and paper

Hubby and I put together two chairs each - I beat him, but he says we must monitor to see whose chair falls to pieces first!!! Cheek!!!!  Our cat Thompson had a great time with the boxes

The Recycling bin was nearly full after we had put so much cardboard into it!!!
Many thanks for your company this week to those who leave comments and those who take a peek, you are all welcome!!!! I hope whatever you are up to you have a great weekend - the weather here is set to get colder so I think some snuggling up is called for!

Speak soon xx


  1. You´ve got very good ideas. Lovely stars!

  2. Hi Kim,
    Wow! This is a brilliant idea. What a good outcome too! I think its really good to try new things out. The stars are gorgeous. Does the parcel ribbon come in any other colours? You could really go to town on these. I'm itching to get this ripple finished. Karin's is beautiful. Will keep her so.....warm. What an achievement. We long to start these things, half way through we are thinking of the next. I'm going to try and do a few hours solid now on mine, another weird day here.

    Have a good weekend Kim. I really love what you've been doing with all your Christmas Decorations. I'm sure there are more to come too!
    Hugs and LOve Always Suex