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Friday, 13 November 2009

Away Day to London

Good Morning, yesterday I went Christmas shopping to London with my friend.

We started at the little station up the road, with its cute signal box and traditional gates, which we are grateful to still have as so many are now automated.  As you can see, it was a bit of a dull day.  It takes about an hour to get to London which is a great time to chat and catch up.

Then it was off to do some serious shopping in Oxford Street, which is very hustly bustly. It had already been decorated for Christmas

It was much more appealing than this photo shows, but it does prove how London is full of red buses, black taxi cabs, and people!

John Lewis department store is a favourite with me and I spent quite a lot of time in there.

unusually coloured decorations, but very effective I thought. (Looking at this picture now, it reminds me of bubbles in a fish tank!)

Anyway after several hours of shopping, pondering, drinking coffee, shopping again, it was time to head home. My arms really ached from carrying the bags and my feet ached from all the walking!  It was a relief to get on the train to come home to my lovely quiet village.

But now I have quite a lot of presents I can cross off my long list, so it was a day well spent (in every sense of the word!)  I can't show you the presents - have to send them off to Santa, but I did buy some new towels for our downstairs cloakroom

I normally go for plain colours, but liked these stripey ones for a change.  Oh and I tried, but I couldn't resist buying some wool!  You see, when I look back at my recent crochet projects, purples and pinks seem to feature heavily in them so I decided that whatever my next project is, I should add some different colours to the mix so I bought these to add to my secret Rowan stash!

Now that I have seen The Garden Bell's   fun neat ripple stitch, I just might have to have a go at that - I feel a cushion coming on!!!

Thanks for dropping by and have a lovely weekend!

Speak soon xx


  1. Jealous... a day in London and only a train ride away. Wow.. I want those towels. They are are the colors that I'm using in our bath refacing. Can't seem to find the right stripes here..... I'll keep looking.

    I'm so excited that you are going to start a C.P. ripple. The first couple of rows take patience at the turning part, but it starts to flow so easy about row 3. You will find yourself not even counting in the hills and valleys. Let me know if you need any help. It goes along pretty quickly and I did not find it to be a yarn-eater like some of the other ripples.

    Have a great weekend. May not post till Monday or Tuesday. We have a busy weekend with the project going full swing. Have to empty the Master Bedroom..... icks...

    HuGs and HoOks,

  2. One more thing... Love your color palette. It will work up nicely.

  3. Hi Kim!
    First chance to read your post. Well I'm really pleased you had a good day in London. I haven't been for years. I think the last time was to see Grease years ago when the girls were younger. I remember the tube, oh I hate! The girls were baking on the tube it was so....uncomfortable as it was a hot day.
    Pleased you've bought some woolly wool. Those colours are great, I could see a couple of them in my ripple. I bet you was tired when you got home. Well I've been at moms nearly all day men came to carpet lay. I was there for support. Back now to a pile of ironing. Have a good weekend, thanks for visiting me.
    Hugs and Love Suex

  4. I'm sooooooooo jealous. I LoVe London and would love to be there at Christmas time to see all the lights and decorations.
    You have inspired me to get on with my Christmas shopping, I haven't even STARTED yet !