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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Snowman Bunting and Tutorial

Hello!!! Its a peaceful Saturday here - I have made the house look presentable and am now able to talk to  you without feeling rushed - its great!!!  Firstly I would like to thank those of you who have left me a comment and those who are following this blog - it is much appreciated - I feel it is a "two-way" thing so it is loooovvvely to hear from people.  Thank you!!!

I hope you like these..............

I've been fiddling about with the Snowman Christmas Tree Decorations and came up with these - aren't they jolly!!!!   I'm chuffed with them, they are quite easy to do.  The basic pattern can be used for the bunting or the Christmas Tree Decoration .  I have been asked about the using the designs so I thought I would give you the instructions - I quite like the idea of rows of these little Snowmen waiting to greet Santa! - so here goes.  I used a 4mm hook and some double knitting wool.

I will use the English abbreviations:   htr    half treble 
                                                       ss     slip stitch
                                                       ch     chain
                                                       dc    double crochet
Snowman Body

1st row    Make 4 ch and ss into a circle
2nd row   2 ch (counts as 1st htr) then 11 htr into the ring, join at end with a ss

3rd row   2ch, 1 htr into same st then 2 htr into top of each st join at end with a ss.  You should have 24 htrs

4th row    2ch, 1 htr into same st, then  *1 htr into next stitch and 2 htr into stitch after that.  Repeat from * until last st then do 1 htr. Join to the beginning st with a ss and fasten off.

Snowman Head

Make the first three rows of the body and fasten off.

Carrot Nose

Ch 3, turn and make a ss into 2nd ch, 1 dc into third ch and fasten off. Leave a long tail of wool which you can use to sew the carrot nose on.

Snowman Scarf

Make a ch of 30 sts, turn and work one row of htrs. Fasten off

To assemble the Snowman - overlap the head onto the body by one row and sew into place.  Sew the carrot nose into place, (over the chain hole works well).  Sew beads or embroider eyes into place and buttons.  Wind Scarf around neck and catch into place with one or two stitches.  You will find if its double knitting wool the scarf stands out and looks a bit "windswept"

Make a length of chain ( think mine was about 45) and then make a dc into the centre of the top of the head of the first snowman, then chain 45 again and so on until all your snowmen are chained together! 
There you are - Snowman Bunting !!!!!!! Have fun making them!!!!

Christmas Tree Decoration Snowman - make two bodies and two heads and the join the heads to the bodies.  Decorate one of them with eyes, nose and bead buttons.  Place them wrong sides together and do a neat row of dcs around edge, leave a small gap to add some light padding then finish off.  Sew on the scarf and make a chain loop on the top of the head for hanging on the tree.

Have a great weekend

Speak soon xx


  1. Congratulations Kim!
    That was a nice surprise. I didn't think anyone would be on much at the weekend. But I noticed your new work and thought I'd pay you a visit! This is absolutely gorgeous.! A really clever idea, it looks so lovely hanging there and it really looks 'easy peasy!'. Your first tutorial as well! Wow! you're getting the hang of it aren't you? I'm sure everyone will be able to follow those instrutions really easily! Great photos too.
    REally pleased for you, have a nice Saturday! Hugs and Love Sue x

  2. The snowman are lovely. Can't have the real thing here so I may just have to squeeze some time in and make them - thanks for the tutorial.

  3. wow... I can't wait to give these a try. They are even more special looking now that they are out and displayed. Very nice tutorial. Going to really have to give these a try. Last Christmas I was such a beginner at the whole crochet thing. I think I'm doing better after a year of practice and ready to try some new goodies.

    Thanks for visiting my garden patch

  4. Oh I love these little guys!
    I've been looking for some patterns to make a Christmas garland and your snowman looks like a perfect addition.
    Thanks for sharing it :0)

  5. So cute, I'm going to try these tonight and your stocking one too, great tutorials.
    Yvonne x

  6. hello the snowman is great. many thank for the guide.

    greetings frome zurich - switzerland jane