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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A Night To Forget!

I have to tell you all that today I am feeling rather tired.  2 am this morning our house alarm went off, we both nearly fell over dashing out of bed to go downstairs to punch in the code to stop it ........... but that only worked for about a minute............ then it went off again - so we had to stand by it punching in the code each time it went off.  After about 15 minutes it stopped and we gingerly went upstairs back to bed. However, neither of us could sleep - and we just had this feeling it would happen again................ at 3am it did, big time!  Although its an internal alarm if we had tampered with it the bell outside would have started as well, and as it was, the internal alarm is EXTREMELY loud.  I have to admit hubby stayed very calm, but I was lets say, less than calm!!!  I have decided I do not like loud noises in the dead of night, I found it stressful and it felt like we were waking up the whole village.  In the end we stayed up the entire night, hubby working at his computer and me....... writing Christmas cards! each one of us running to the code each time it went off, which I can assure you was a lot.  This morning we have had the engineer out and hopfully all will now be ok, but it has left me feeling a little out of sorts, you know.  Also once daylight came, I felt able to cope with it more, funny isn't it. So we have two very tired people in our house today and for once it isn't the teenagers!

When I went shopping I did cheer myself up with these:-

I thought I deserved them after last night.!

Today in Sussex the weather started out quite fine and sunny but by mid morning the rain was chucking it down and the wind had got up and it felt like there was hardly any daylight left but it is cheering up now.

The little Pansies on my patio table were really wind-swept but they still looked lovely and colourful in the dreary light.

Whilst at the supermarket I also bought these

They are charity cards and I thought they were rather pretty - thats more cards to write, hopefully not in the dead of night this time.

This is a card I designed myself a couple of years ago and I did get an order for some from a lady in Spain which I was dead chuffed about.

It does involve punching out rather a lot of mini christmas trees, but the over all effect is quite good I think.  The bow and star have been hand painted in. 

Please wish me a more peaceful night!!!!!  I will try to do some more crochet this evening if I can keep my eyes open.

Have a lovely day

Speak soon xx

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  1. I thought it was only me that stayed up till all hours! How annoying for you! Bed early tonight. That card with your crocheting is really nice. I was wondering whether you were making them all. But I see you have some pretty ones from the shop. Which I must say would be really good to crochet! More ideas........
    I'm doing a bit of sewing for a change.
    Hugs Sue x