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Monday, 16 November 2009

Skinny Ripple Scarf - Modelled by 'Moi'

What a wet and windy weekend we have had here in the UK.  Saturday was so bad that we had a powercut for most of the afternoon, and even though we were having friends round for dinner - I didn't panic, there was nothing I could do about it except sit and crochet until the light got too bad and hope the electricity would come back on in time for me to do the cooking (we have no mains gas in our village).  Just when I was thinking we would have to eat cheese and the one dessert I had already made - the power came back on! Hurray! the evening was saved, if a little rushed, a little glass of something calmed me down!!!  As I am typing this this morning - the rain outside is torrential!

I must show you the skinny ripple scarf I have completed.  You may remember I decided to make a vertical ripple scarf - this was a great little project and I am very pleased with the outcome.  I wanted a skinny scarf which I could wear with jumpers indoors as well as with my jackets, sometimes when it is so cold you need an extra something to keep your neck warm that isn't too bulky.  This was easy to do, working into the foundation chain probably took the most time, but wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

After much hilarity this morning a picture of me wearing the scarf,

 hubby must have taken a dozen piccies before I didn't blink - I am the worst person in the world for having my photo taken!!Sue (Mrs Twins) I finally did it!!  The other small project I started this weekend was a small cushion using the fun neat ripple stitch which The Garden Bell used on her blog.

This was fun to do and I have done it in multi-coloured Lucy style. I have just about finished the front - need to make a back for it and buy a cushion.

The pink baby blanket is coming along too - will show you an update on that later in the week. I think today might be a tea and cake sort of a day - too wet to go out!!  Have fun whatever you are up to!

Speak soon xx


  1. Very beautiful this scarf. Good morning!

  2. I love your scarf and the photo of you modelling it! I am going to be starting on a new scarf soon as my little girl wants a pink ripple scarf similar to my watery ripple one. I've just got to order the wool. I also love your cushion cover too :O)

  3. Hi Kim!
    Oh lovely photo! I'm impressed! Thank you! I love the colours of the scarf they match beautifully together really lovely. I'm pleased you had a go at Kates ripple, she will love it and pleased that you've had a go. So another cushion well done!
    I agree horrible Monday here, wet and going dark already only 3.37 pm!
    Have a nice evening and thanks for mentioning me Kim. (Funny that we read each others' minds!).
    Hugs and Love Suex

  4. Great picture. Love the scarf. Don't you just love those rainie days that give you the excuse to stay home and hook away.

    Love the C.P stitch on the pillow. It turned out great. Isn't it fun to learn a new little pattern. Great Lucy colors, too.

    Have a great day/week. The windows are coming out now. The rain is holding off sooooo far....


  5. Love your new "skinny" ripple scarf especially the colours. Sounds like you might need a few of them with the weather you are having

  6. What a difference in the weather to where I am. I am dealing with excessive heat and humidity :-)
    Love your work, can't wait to see the finished pillow

  7. I Love this pattern and I want to do a cushion cover or blanket in it as well...better finish my ripple blanket first:-)
    Take care,

  8. Oh cool. The scarf looks terrific! Well done! I need to teach myself that ripple stuff. It looks so nice! Maybe a scarf would be better to start on than jumping into the blanket right away! hmmmm.....