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Monday, 2 November 2009

From Halloween to Christmas!

Hope you all had a good Halloween

We enjoyed quite a quiet snuggly sort of evening. We only had about four lots of trick or treaters knock on the door and they were all quite little which  makes it a bit more fun.  We snuggled and watched a scary film and ate chocolate (even though I'm supposed to be on a diet) and it was very relaxing.  We had thought about going to a Bonfire do, but decided to stay in instead and I'm really glad we did.

Sunday was an even more snuggly sort of day - I did go swimming first thing (trying to burn off the chocolate!) but then succumbed to a lovely cooked breakfast!

But what else can you do when the weather is so windy. wet and stormy!

Anyway today is sunny and bright here in Sussex and I'm glad to say that the lovely postman bought me my parcel of goodies!!!

The long awaited pink baby wool for the cot blanket and some Christmassy type cotton and wool for some little projects I'm dreaming up.  Over the weekend I have made a couple of Christmas items which I am perfecting at the moment and will show you sometime this week, its great fun trying to design things - some that work out and some that dont!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you all have a good day!

Speak soon xx


  1. Hi Kim!
    On Monday......I'm looking at that wool and thinking Christmas, um! I wonder what you are thinking of? Interesting. Must be lovely to get it through the post.
    We had a quiet Halloween too. Next Bonfire Night. Then Christmas rolling on now.
    You read Lucy's blog today? Seems like she's cutting down a bit, dont blame her. Blogging takes a lot of time and she's got more important things to do at the moment. Everyone enjoys her blog so....much.
    Oh well I'll go and shorten my Daughters trousers now.
    Bye for a bit.
    Hugs Sue.x

  2. Hi Kim - can't wait to see what the Xmas yarn will become.
    And I am hungry now looking at your breakfast photo - yummy

  3. Hi on Tuesday Kim!
    Just popping in to say hi!
    Busy day here for me. Now I think a cup of tea I have to get some Christmas sewing finished.
    Birds are flying all around this house!! :)
    Hugs Sue x