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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Pondering about Projects

The last few days I have been pondering.  Pondering about projects, things that have to be done, things that I would like to get done and things that realisticly wont get done!! 

When I was out walking with my friend the other morning we were strolling along the muddy track chatting away but in the back of my mind I was listing all the things I wanted to do - not majorly things like hike up Mount Everest or anything like that - more basic things like getting the Christmas shopping done and dusted, keeping on top of the ironing Ugh!!  Hoping the surprise party I am organising for Mum's 80th birthday will be a success - lots of family have said they are coming so I  was thinking, will I be able to ice her cake to a good standard? will I have enough food , drink, space in the house, ooooh its endless - do you all get like that?  My mind just felt all of a jumble. It was a good walk and did help me to clear my head.

Here in the UK there are masses of berries on the trees and bushes

They are laden with them, the saying goes that lots of berries means we will have a hard winter - we shall see!

This is looking across the fields to where I live.  I love being in the fields and looking back at where I live. The houses seem so small compared to the surrounding area - and yet when I am snug indoors I sometimes forget the countryside is out there.

When I had finished pondering I decided the best thing to do was get on and do 'stuff'  so after boring householdy stuff I settled down to try to get to grips with the cot blanket I have been asked to make.  Don't get me wrong I am enjoying it but I am finding it rather .......................one colourish.

I think I have been spoilt by Lucy at Attic 24 since discovering her blog I have switched to colour BIGTIME so this pale pink is well rather PALE!  However I do love the stitch it is a treble relief and it makes a spongy waffley type fabric.  It does use a lot of wool though - when I look at this

I know I have a long way to go!  To spur me on I decided I needed a little colourful project to do when I am tired and need a rest from pale and pink - so I sorted out some wool from a secret stash of Rowan Wool which I have

And I am going to make myself a vertical ripple scarf  - its still very much in its infancy but I have high hopes.

Well thats crochet projects sorted - now I only have to think about the Christmas shopping, 80th Party, ironing .........................................................................................................................!!

Speak soon xx


  1. Isn't it just lovely when you have wool in plastic packaging like that! I remember when I was about 15 going to Littlewoods in Birmingham with my best friend to buy our wool. Littlewoods was the place to go for wool, and we always came out with loads to make cardigans. My friend always made hers miles too big! Mine fitted perfectly.... But I remember what it felt like then to buy new wool. Things haven't changed. I just love new wool. The pink is pale Kim. But I think as you get on with it,you will enjoy it more, so keep going. I'm going to one of these days make a vertical ripple to cover my snake in the hall. He's a draft excluder we had him free when we got married 26 years ago with a gas fire we bought. I still have him, but he's in need of a change. I feel a ripple coming on.........Love Lucy's new blanket, it's so gorgeous. Kates new wool terrific, Your pink wool still in the wrapping. All good stuff. Keep going and I'm looking forward to the finished item!
    Hugs and Love Suex

  2. See..........you've been bitten by the bug. Lucy is soooooooo addictive. I mean Scott even knows her by name now. I'm so queer, but I had to let my secret goal out. She does stop by on most days, so I know she has been there (Blog Frog)via the widget. I guess from having worked so long in the corporate world you have to make up these crazy goals. About two months ago, I really really want to make her blogroll colume. I think I need to go back to work in the real world....

    Love your new Lucy colors and think it will be great.... Not sure what a COT is, but I'm thinking over here we call it a CRIB (baby bed)....am I right.

    I did not know that about the berries, so it looks like we will be in for a long hard winter here tooooooo..... yuck...... better get more yarn......chuckle-chuckle.

  3. The lists never end do they??? :-))))
    I think we are entitled to variety in our projects. We make so much for others - and love it!

  4. Love the idea of a vertical ripple scarf but DO NOT love the idea of crocheting into that very long looking foundation chain though!! Look forward to seeing your ripply scarf progress. I have a very long list of things to do too and am not quite sure how I am going to get everything done :O)

  5. Congrats on getting the Blog Frog. It takes a while for your followers to see it and sign up. Once they do it's fun to see who visits. Off to get the word in my Circus parade tutorial. At least I got all the picture uploaded yesterday.

    Have a good one

  6. Love the colours of your new ripple scarf. Can't wait to see it grow.
    Isn't it amazing how we can all come together from all over the world just because we found eachother through Attic24.
    Keep the photos coming of your seasons. It is lovely to see what life is like on the other side of the world.