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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Dishcloth Cotton Bedspread

A warm welcome to you all - today I thought I would show you the first really major project I undertook when I was in my early twenties and setting up home.

I crocheted this using Twilleys Dishcloth cotton and the pattern is made from clusters, I got the idea from a magazine and then designed my own pattern.  I can remember crocheting every evening after work and sometimes a lot at the weekend (this was before children!) I was so thrilled when I finished it and it looked lovely in our country style bedroom as was the trend of the time (about 25 years ago!) 

I packed it away several years ago when styles changed, I got it out a few months ago, and my daughter loves it and has decided it looks great on her bed which as you can see from the above photo, is true.  However if you look closely you will see a hole along one of the joins, this is where the cotton has disintegrated - over time and with much use, and I don't think I could have stored it correctly!  Some of the stitches have also gone so it will be a major restoration project for me if I can manage it! 

I have to admit, even though it is colourless, I do still love it very very much and I am so glad my daughter loves it too!!!

I have just thought, can I call it Vintage now it is so old!!!!!!!

Speak soon xx


  1. I love this, I am a huge fan of self coloured blankets, even though this is white, the pattern still stands out. Really beautiful well done

    Love Marlene

  2. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful labour of love - now a family heirloom! I haven't attempted crochet with cotton yet; what patience you must have had!

  3. wow, that is beautiful! You did a terrific job on it all those years ago. I don't blame you for still loving it. Lovely that daughter does too...

  4. WOW....I'm impressed. Love the simple white. Now my sillie little blankie need some work. That's a keeper

  5. Beautiful. You will definitely have to do the repairs, cause not only is it vintage but it is now a "Family Heirloom" and its value would be priceless

  6. I'm pleased I've come back to read these comments because my comment wasn't published!I thought it had gone through Kim. I bet you think me awlful for not commenting, but I did try.
    This is definitely a Family Heirloom as Maria said. It's beautiful. I would treasure it. What a lot of patience you had. But saying that I made a lot of double blankets and single ones in my early twenties too! The pattern is really lovely. WEll done to you.
    Hugs and Love SUex

  7. Oh Kim it is beautiful! I'm so glad you have it out and it is being used but please restore it if you can . It deserves to be preserved as a future heirloom it is so lovely. Clever you!!

  8. Hi Kim, I follow you on google reader and I realized that I haven't really commented much.
    I really enjoyed seeing this lovely cover... how sweet that your daughter loves it. I really hope you end up repairing it and also posting about your repairs.

  9. It is lovely! It must have taken ages!

  10. Wow, is dit mooi! Ik hou van wit! Ik hou van de Scandinavische interieurs en dit gaat perfect met haar. Maar je kunt cource kleurstof de deken ...
    Wat een mooie supprise dat uw dochter houdt het ook, doet ze haken ook?