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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Back to Crochet

Hello dear blogland readers I hope you are all well.  This last week has been rather tricksy in the Kimbles household, what with the bad weather, then my computer gave up - then hubbys computer got a virus even though protected (be warned) we have all felt out of kilter.  My daughter couldn't get back to uni and hubby had some work cancelled because of weather - all in all a very weird week indeed, and a rather different start to the New Year than anticipated.  But one really good thing to come out of this is that I have inspired two people to take up the hook!  YeS little old me!! - a good friend of mine asked for a tutorial and is now happily making granny squares and the other one is my daughter, who a couple of times has tried and not had the patience, but this time snowed in and trying to get a relaxing break from uni work has mastered it!

She actually said how relaxing it was to crochet and that it took her mind off of all the impending work, I am really pleased!
I treated myself to these two books before christmas, I know lots of you have them, but I must say how much I have enjoyed reading them and trying out the patterns

Both by Jan Eaton they are worth every penny.  So I decided to make a few squares to send to Mrs Twins
for her charity blankets, I did modify some of the patterns

So Sue these will be winging their way to your door when I have blocked them!

I have started to make the back of a small cushion I was making using the pattern I got from the Garden Bell so I am doing this variation of a plain treble, quite effective don't you think?  I feel this would be nice in a stripe blanket...... will have to think about that one! 

Lots of clashing colours! Love it!

Now my major projects are finished, I have twitchy fingers trying to decide on the next one - I am leaning towards another blanket, but that might change tomorrow!

Before I go I want to say huge congratulations to Lucy at Attic24 on the safe arrival of her baby boy!  The picture of his tiny hand on hers actually brought a lump to my throat yesterday - stunning photo.

Stay snuggled, speak soon xx


  1. Hi Kim!
    Wow! A very colourful post!
    I'm so chuffed your daughter has decided to have a go at crocheting! How lovely. I bet your pleased. Thanks so much for the squares, they're gorgeous. so colourful, just what I need. Thank you.
    You've been having a few problems by the sound. This weather is getting everyone down now. Be pleased when it's gone.
    Snap, you have the same book as me. Crochet Technique one I bought too before Christmas. Good book. The other looks interesting too!
    I'm so annoyed my blog roll, keeps disappearing.. That's why its taking me a while getting round everyone.
    I hope your daughter will do some more. Lets hope she'll do a blanket.
    Bye for now,
    Hugs and Love Suex

  2. I love the crochet block book, I have been making the flowers from the centre of some of the blocks as corsages, very lovely they are too..

  3. Well done on recruiting new hookers (that sounds so wrong!) And you have been SO busy - I can't believe how much you've got done already. I love that blocks book - you've inspired me to have another go at some of those squares.

  4. Love the squares, Kim. Can you tell me the full title of the 'Crochet Techniques?' book? It looks interesting. I have been eyeing off the blocks one too.
    Would love the pattern for the shelly blanket

  5. Let's hope all your difficulties are past now and you get a run of good weather too.
    Of course the upside is all the crochet you have done. All the different squares for rugs etc amazes me. When the weather here cools down am going to give crochet a go too so see you've inspired another person.

  6. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog... yes the family & friends all love their presents I make.
    I love what you have done from 200 crochet blocks... I was talking to Mrs. Twins about this book last night... small world eh?... I am going to see if I can get the book at our Borders if not I'll send to Amazons for it as everyone is talking about it so it must be good cause what you have made is gorgeous... Mrs. Twins will be very impressed I think.
    Congratulations on teaching others to crochet... especially your daughter... isn't it thrilling when one of them wants to do something that is close to your heart...
    Hope the weather improves for you all... I can sure understand the feeling of outta kilter - what a week... I think I would hide with my crochet hook in a nice warm place... maybe on top of the heater or fire... play your kind of music & let the world pass on by...

  7. hi kim
    lots of snow here too but managed to get our daughter back to uni at the weekend
    i've got the 200 blocks book and i love it - i was considering getting the other one but on amazon there is a compendium and an encyclopedia of crochet techniques (hope this makes sense) are they the same? the covers look similar!

  8. Very clever... spreading the crochetvirus!
    I've finished some squares too....

    ~X~ Karin

  9. Great new books Kim ~ you can never have too many crochet books! Also love the squares you have made too :O)x