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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Christmas Home

Today I thought I would give you a peek into our Christmas home - I loooooovveeeee decorating the house at this special time, and this year was no exception - we have an artificial tree which we tend to alternate with a real one - and this year its the turn of the artificial one

On this tree like most people, we have special decorations which prompt memories

This is from when the children were little and we would sometimes take the train to London, go to the theatre to see the magical ballet of the Nutcracker. Excited children all dressed up in their best clothes, completely hyper with the anticipation of the whole festive season! The wonderful ballet, the colours and the music! Aren't memories so special.

This is a reminder of when two out of three darlings were learning the trumpet, noisy happy times!

Each child had a robin nesting in our tree, and they still magically appear each year ..... and in these boxes are two very special ornaments just for me from a dear friend who endured Motor Neurone Disease,

They are called  "Li Bien" ornaments which means that they are painted from the inside through the small opening with a special brush and they are glass and exquisite, they are so pearly that my photos do not do them justice - they are very special to me!

and of course there are the additions which you may recognise from the last few weeks

Oooh this is making me feel all jolly! 

Feeling all festive now - I'm off for a mince pie

Speak soon xx


  1. Oh, it all looks sooo lovely. I really love the memories that come as you unpack your decorations - especially the ones of our children as they grew up. They were such happy times , Christmas with youngsters is soo special.
    Looks like you are all ready for the season now, Kim.

  2. WOW, Love the tree and aren't all those special ornaments great. Nice job "Decking" those halls.

  3. Ooh Kim!
    Your house looks so lovely. Now can I imagine you there. Do you remember 'Look through the Keyhole' on TV? Well I feel like that. We've been given the opportunity to walk through the front door and get to know what you like and how you live. The tree looks lovely, and what lovely mementos you have on there. I can understand how much the christmas ornaments mean to you. I love the little Nativity scene too on the side. The tree is packed with your Crocheting goodies too. I just love it. They all look lovely amongst your Christmas decorations. Well done now enjoy the festivities!
    Great to read your post. I'm so....glad you're back with us now.
    Hugs and LOve Suex

  4. Your special memory-ornaments are lovely!


  5. Wow it all looks so festive and cheerful. The special ornaments and even their boxes are wonderful. Now you that should help you to feel very Christmasy

  6. Hello!

    After a few days on my blog arrangements have grown. I had to completely change my blog, the new url is the one in my profile.


  7. Two shots of Nyquil. One now and one before bed. Take a good afternoon nap. Already, feeling better today, not great, but better.

    I also have no idea what this party thing is all about tomorrow, maybe we can meet some new bloggers, get a few new followers and follow a few. What the heck.

    If it snows, stay in, stay warm and get well soon.


  8. Hi Kimbles!
    Glad you joined in.
    You just have to write about anything that warms your heart at Christmas: music, extracts, customs, thoughts. No rules really!
    See you tomorrow!