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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Back in time to wish you all a Happy New Year

Hello, I have been away from my blogging much longer than I anticipated, the last couple of weeks have been very busy because as well as Christmas preparations, I had to prepare for my Mums surprise 80th party.  I will blog about the party next time. 

I hope you all enjoyed the festivities, as we did, such a simple family time much cherished. 

We played lots of silly games, wore paper hats and fell asleep before the middle of Harry Potter!  great day!

I hope you all had a great time too.  I know that I will soon have to take the decorations down but I love the Christmas lights and do miss them!  I know I am soppy!!

I must show you the finished COT blanket, managed to complete this just before Christmas so that my friend could give it to her daughter on Christmas Day

As you all know, I did struggle with this project but I was very happy with the final result.  The edging is in crab stitch, which I haven't done before, you make double crochets working backwards around the piece of work, feels really weird at first but makes a very neat edging.  The blanket was a success and the baby loves being wrapped in it, so I am happy.

My other project which I also finished just before Christmas was a glasses case for my friend, which I made up, she wanted quite a narrow one to fit in her evening bag

Sorry, second picture is a little blurred, but hopefully you can see.  I made it in crochet cotton adding twisted ridge stitch in cream. I lined the case and added a little pearl button.  I was chuffed with the results and my friend was pleased.

I am dying to tell you about the party and my cake and all, but I know I will rush it, so I will wait until the New Year, but Mum is still in shock!! he! he!

I am off to put my feet up for a while before we hit the village pubs tonight for New Year, so may I thank you for your friendship once again and hope that 2010 is full of special things for all of you and your families.


Have a good one!

A toast to you all!

Speak soon xx


  1. Yes, you have and we welcome you back in the NY with open arms. Lovely Christmas fun

  2. your baby blabket and glasses case turned out really lovely.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.
    Take care,

  3. Your work turned out so lovely! Was the cot blanket Half Double Crochet? I think maybe you all call it treble crochet in the UK?? What stitch was the lavendar in the glasses case? I love your blog. Happy New Year from Illinois, USA.

  4. Kim,
    Well done on getting your projects finished! They are certainly very nice. I told you the blanket would be worth doing.
    Well done,
    Happy New Year, Hugs and Love Suex

  5. Happy new year!!!

    I´m Lina, I´ve changed my nick. New year, new name.


  6. Glad you are back amongst us all.
    Hope 2010 is all that you wish for.

  7. Hi Kim - the baby blanket is beautiful. What a very lucky baby to have it. Catch up soon as hubby is back at work