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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Goodies Old and New

Good Morning, Im up early and its dark and I can hear the rain pitter pattering outside ugh!  although it  does make you feel cosy if you haven't got to go out in it.  Thought I would let you see the goodies I bought yesterday.

A lovely little memo pad which says "Home Sweet Home" at the bottom and this

I love these dolls, I have a small collection of them which I will show you sometime but this caught my eye and is a money box.  I will be able to have it on my desk and put all my spare change in it to save for wool!!! Great!

I have told you that I am getting ready to show and teach some crochet on Saturday in our local Village Hall and I have to take some items that I have made.  My Mum sorted out some stuff that I have made for her some of which I had forgotten about and what a joy to suddenly see these items again after quite a few years, but they have stood the test of time - and I think I will revive them when I get the time. The first one is a pin cushion

The fabric is crocheted around with a very fine crochet hook and fine cotton. The second item is this lavender sachet

This too was done with a very find crochet hook and fine cotton - I used to make stuff like this with a friend and we used to sell them on a little craft stall just as a hobby.  I stopped when she sadly died, but it is lovely to discover these again after all these years. Suppose I had better get on with the days work - and hopefully fit in some rippling.

Have a lovely day, speak soon xx


  1. Beautiful teasures!!!

    I hope you have a nice day!

  2. I'm sure you'll do very well Kim. I just love these little goodies! Yes, you must make more. Crocheting is so delicate. Beautiful colours too.
    Have a good day!

  3. Hello Kim, if you look on Melly and Me blog I think you will find a nice little russian doll pattern!