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Friday, 16 October 2009

Feeling Fridayish


I am so glad its Friday!!!!!  I love that feeling of the weekend just around the corner - and all the lovely stuff  one can do over the weekend without feeling guilty, like hooking, lazing in a cosy chair with coffee and cake or chocolate, going out and browsing around the shops for no particular reason - bliss.

This morning I went for an early morning walk with my friend and her dog - it was a bit murky and I was dying to take some piccies to show you but I will have to expand on that when its a sunny day, but did manage a couple  - hope you like sheep - there seems rather a lot of them - think I need a photography course!

Last weekend when I went to London with my daughter I visited the Liz Earle shop in Dukes Square - I loooove her products all natural and yummy smelling

I treated myself to, the orange flower body wash which is divine, really luxurious and the smell is orangy and flowery if you get my meaning (obvious really!). The other item is pinky lip gloss which I have yet to try but looks good.

They wrap it all up in tissue paper and put in the lovely bags. Great for presents - except I always seem to keep them.

I am not loving my idea for the cot blanket I told you about - think I need a rest from it to re-think, so this weekend have decided on daughter's cushion, its going to be a ripple pattern one.  I have only tried rippling once and made my sample into this glasses case

I have several shades of purple to make it in so will hopefully show you the results next week.  I hope you have a lovely weekend whatever you get up to.

Speak soon xx

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  1. Hi Kim,
    Don't you just love shopping with your daughter! I love it. I have two 23 yrs so it's a nice treat when we go out! Why not have a few nice smelly things too! Now, I have to say I'm not left handed! I think in one of my photos (can't remember without looking) have the hook in my left hand. This was purely because I wanted to hold the camera in my right hand to take the shot. Do you know I think we should have more photos of us ladies in the pictures making our work. It's always the feet or hands you see, would be nice to see faces! By the way I don't think I've asked you. I have made a Flickr Friends Gallery would you like to post a photo so I can add you? If you do, just post one on Flickr and I will add you.Then you can write me a comment and click on other icons and make friends.I'm still waiting for Garden Bell to appear! Hint. Hint if you are reading! Your glass case is really, really pretty, love the rippling as you know! Thanks for your comments on Flickr too Kim!