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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Lovin the Ripple!!

Been rushing around today doing mundane things - trying to fit the odd stitch inbetween - you know how it is. But I must tell you how I am loving the Ripple.  I did a trial with the ripple stitch and made it into this glasses case:-

a few weeks ago, but doing a small sample doesn't really get you into that "wavey" mode does it?  Anyway I decided that the wool that I had to make a cushion for daughter was going to be a ripple cushion.  I started it a couple of nights ago:-

Ohhhh! the ripplesome joy - now I know why so many of you love rippling - its so theraputic, the motion of it, but also the neat order of it - LOVELY!  so now I am hooked so to speak, but I will have to tear myself away for a while, after the cushion is finished because I have to work on the cot blanket - if you remember a friend as asked me to make one for her baby grand daughter.  I have finally decided to make the blanket in treble relief stitch which makes quite a dense but light fabric and it will be baby pink which will be a bit strange after all the colour I have been working with lately!

Sorry the piccie isn't very clear but you can see that it makes a sort of "wafflee" type fabric and I shall do a nice edging around it.

I have been into town today to look for a couple of birthday presents (left it last minute) and I just happened to see a couple of items that just screamed Buy Me!:  I tried to walk away but it was no good, I had to buy them - I will show you tomorrow what is in the bag:-


Finally I will leave you with a picture of the lovely flowers I bought today - they were reduced and although I am not usually a fan of chrysanthems (remind me of sad times) I love the colours of these and they go so well with the deep red don't you think?

Enjoy your afternoon, speak soon xx


  1. I come here to thanks the comment that you have left in my blog. This is the way I´ve discovered yours.

    Still now I´ll visit you frecuently.

    Excuse my English... It´s not very good.

    Kisses from Spain!

  2. Hello again!
    Your ripple is wonderful.I am on my 3rd now so addictive!. The colours you are using are really working well together. Carry on the good work, I await future photos! Have a nice evening,