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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Lucy Bag Ta Dah!

Hi there, thanks for peeking into my blog

Have finished my Lucy bag  as in Attic24 - I squeezed in some time this afternoon to finish the handles and sew them on, then I raided this:-

my Mum's button tin - which she has passed on to me.  Its amazing what memories a button tin holds, there was a button from my school  mac amongst others, which considering I am now 50 has been in there a long time! Anyway I chose some buttons which I think were from my Nana so even older and here is the finished bag:-

Its Certainly colourful!  I wish I had made it in a stronger, thicker yarn, but maybe next time.  I have already filled it with wool - I don't think it could cope with anything much heavier!

Now on to the next project.  I have been planning the cot blanket I mentioned the other day and have drawn the design for a square out on paper the drawing below comprises of four squares:-

Each square has clusters in the shape of a heart in the middle and clusters around the edges.  I will do a sample square to see how it looks and to work out how many I will need to make, and maybe show you tomorrow.

My other project ready to start is a cushion for my daughter.  I have picked these colours

because this is the colour scheme in her bedroom.  Can't decide whether to try a ripple cushion along the lines of the very pretty one that Mrs Twins made, or different coloured granny squares, hmmm will give it some thought.  Thank you for the nice comments I have had already, didn't expect anyone to even find me!!

Speak soon xx


  1. My aren't you the quick one. Great job. I have yet to pick out my yarn. Finishing another ripple still. But love your color choices. Still finishing my Door County goodies blog.

    Isn't Mrs. Twins a Hoot...

    Head over to my Blog just put up a surprise visitor from our trip


    I'm having a giveaway too...

  2. Hi Kim!,
    Oh! thank you that was nice.
    I've been to the wool shop today and.......check my stream out! You sound a lot like me. Making things for our daughters!. I've just finished making the ripple and cushion for my daughter who flew the nest. Now I have to treat her sister the same. So wait for it I think another ripple coming on!! and the cushion. Went and chose the colours today. I'm 54 bit older than you.
    Oh! Garden Bell keeps using that word 'Hoot! I have to laugh!