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Friday, 29 October 2010

The Tale of the Shelf

Hello!  As you know this last couple of weeks I have been decorating and dear hubby, who has been busy with work, dips in and out and offers advice (not always taken) and generally chivvies me along.  Well a couple of times I suggested things he could do to assist.  Well the other week I came home to find this shelf, which he had put up in on our kitchen wall.

"How handy you say" and "well done", but the truth is, I had put this out to go to the charity shop - he decided we needed another shelf - "you could put more cookery books on it "he said

As you can see, we already have rather untidy cookery book shelves, do we really need another one?

I mean there is a veeeery loooooong list of "Things To Do", and that wasn't even on the bottom of it - male and female brains, work sooooo differently!!!! Do you find that? hehe!

So "The Shelf" sat empty for a while, while I decided what to put on it.  Every time I went out with my friend, we searched for the perfect thing to adorn "The Shelf".................................................. then last week I found this in a lovely little shop in my local town of Lewes. 

I brought it home and placed it on the shelf............................................sadly it looked a little lonely!

A few days later I just had to give this little red hen a mate...................so back to the shop I went and voila!

This continues the "Hen" theme in my kitchen...

It took a few days before dear Hubby even noticed that "The Shelf" had been filled, but he approved, aaah I just love him!

Next week I will show you the finished Granny Stripe blanket, I am slowly finishing the edging, I am trying to finish off a couple of projects which I started ages ago, before I start on something with the African Pansies (incidentally thank you for your comments on that pattern, I will do a tutorial at some stage!)

Have a lovely weekend, the clocks go back so an extra hour in bed yay!

Speak soon xx


  1. i love the hen theme for your kitchen and shelf looks great with the red hens, your right men just think different than we do, gotta love 'em

  2. I do like the "beware of the chickens sign" I'd like to get one for a freind of mine, if you remember where did you buy it?
    Yes the little red hens definately need to go together.
    I have a little collection of chickens somehwere waiting to come out of storage :D

  3. Isn't it something with Venus and Mars? Hahahaa!
    You made the perfect solution with the red chickens. They´re wonderful!

  4. Love the hens and what a good idea for the shelf. These little touches really make a room don't they?

  5. What a charming way to use up a clean space. I think your 'hen' theme is perfet. But just where did all your cookbooks go. I can't wait for the reveal and ta-da....


  6. Hi Kim,
    OOh yes such a good idea, finishes the shelf off beautifully!
    I cant wait to see your granny stripe. Do show soon!
    I hope you have a good weekend,
    Love Suex
    OOh I've remembered!
    When you read my mail you'll see what Im talking about.

  7. I luv your chickens! Can't wait to see your granny blanket!

  8. love the chicken theme! that's just the sort of thing my hub does rather than do any housework and I have to abundantly praise him out of all proportion to stop him getting manstrop!

  9. The chickens have a new home and look just right on the shelf.