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Friday, 8 October 2010

A Year Old Today!

Hello!!! I don't quite know how I have got there, but my little bit of cyberspace is one year old today.  Whilst thinking about what to write in this post, my daughter said I should focus on all of the positive things which have come out of blogging. 

So here are some lovely country flowers and herbs for you - my bloggy friends which I have made over the past year.  I have to give special mention to Mrs Twins and The Garden Bell who have given me much encouragement over the year and of course to Lucy at Attic 24 who even though we don't chat directly, has inspired me so much!

I have learnt so much too, from patterns to recipes, to how to do more of the more complicated stuff on blogger, it has been a pleasure.

Of course another highlight has been taking part in the SIBOL project and although I haven't been able to take as much as part as I would have liked in the last few weeks (don't mention the sore hands - be positive!!) I am really proud to have sent a few squares and be a "Sibolette".

I would love to do a little blog giveaway, so if you leave me your name I will choose a winner at the end of next week.  I am not promising it will be anything crocheted as that is a difficult area for me at the moment - but it will still be something nice!

This week I have been pickling onions, which is quite sweet because my very first post was on the same subject - the years take on a sort of pattern don't they!

It was raining the day I did these - I usually sit outside, so instead I just cried my eyes out indoors!!!!

Leave them overnight sprinkled with salt

Next morning, rinse off and pack into sterilised jars, adding malt vinegar and a spoonful of sugar to take the bite off - and there you are!

I have also been making rolls at home too.  I have a Panasonic Breadmaker and we use it loads to make our bread, but recently I have been making the dough

Then making rolls - ok they don't look like shop ones, but they are very tasty!

Also made some of the lovely oatie cookies which I got from the Attic24 blog - these have become firm favourites in our house, and they are so quick to do

So I have been doing stuff, but just not quite the stuff that is my first love!!

It has been so lovely catching up with you all - one year on, what a special year.

Speak soon xx


  1. Happy anniversary, I'm glad you've had a (mostly) good year. I've certainly liked dropping by. You sure have been busy. Pickled onions, my favs, I usually watch an old black & white weepy movie whilst doing mine.
    Jak x

  2. Happy First anniversary Kimbles and I hope you will be here for a long time so I can enjoy your crochet projects.

  3. Yes Kim, it has been a wonderful year. I absolutely love blogging and have made so many new friends through it. I've enjoyed meeting you and all the small pieces of your life that you share with us.
    So congratulations on your first birthday of blogging. May you have many more !

  4. Hi Kim!
    Happy anniversary!
    Blogging is great, blogging is beautiful, blogging is fun.
    Let's keep on blogging!
    ~X~ Karin

  5. Congratulations on your 1 Year Blog Anniversary ... I enjoy your blog so much and all the great crochet projects you share with us. Here's to many more years of happy blogging to you!! :P)

  6. Happy birthday lovely Kimbles, thankyou for your visits and kind comments, I look forward to another year of reading your Blog and enjoying your news.

  7. Hi
    Happy blogaversary! here's looking forward to the second year - don't change a thing!

  8. Congratuations on one year! I know I have enjoyed reading you and you have been inspiring to me as well. Hope you keep it up and stay around with us a long time!

    Those oatmeal cookies look fabulous...do you have a recipe you can share? :)


  9. Okay, sorry. Never mind on the cookie recipe. I missed that they were made with Attic24's recipe.

  10. hi Kim,
    CONGRATULATIONS as your celebrationg first anniversary of KIMBLESATHOME,
    i have been following your lovely blogs from past few months and i am indeed inspired and blessed reading it .
    the cookies , onion pickle and bread looks yummy .
    have ablessed day , do visit me some times

  11. Congrats Kim, how time flies when you have so much fun

  12. Congratulations and I have to agree with everyone that blogging is fun. I especially love reading others to get inspired just like I did today looking at all of the wonderful things you've been up to.

  13. Happy 1st Bloggy birthday Kim ~ haven't popped in for a while as I have been a very lazy blogger, but hoping to get back to normal soon :O)xx

  14. Hi Kim!
    You're one of the 3 P.I.F. winners.
    Please send me your adress and you will receive a little gift.
    You can email me via the contact form on my blog.
    ~X~ Karin