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Thursday, 22 April 2010


WIP thats the state of our bedroom at the moment!  You may remember that I was having trouble deciding on a colour scheme for our bedroom which we have been decorating.  Well I finally made up my mind and so work started a couple of weekends ago.

Why is it that when decorating one room it seems to affect the whole house! Stuff everywhere, DUST, DUST and more DUST!!!

Progress is being made now, so here is a peek

Mind you, if you have the radio on - its great to have a sing song whilst painting the walls!  Wall on the right is the finished colour which we have taken through to the little ensuite bathroom

All very neutral .............. but I know what you are thinking .......... where is the COLOUR ?
Colour? what colour?......... oh this colour

He!he! you knew I would have to have SOME colour!! 

These are the accessories I am going to use

Looking forward to putting it all together - still have curtains to make and they are going to be this stripey fabric from Laura Ashley

So that has been my week so far - managed a little hooking and my mini hex blanket is nearly finished just have to work out a half hex pattern to my liking and do the edging oh and we wont mention all of those pesky ends!! 

Speak soon xx


  1. That is a gorgeous color! I love all of your accessories to go with... can't wait to see it all finished!

  2. Absolutely delicious! I have a red bedroom, so you are in good company :D

  3. Hi! Just read I don't know HOW far back.. but it was pretty far! You do some very beautiful work! One thing I want to learn is how to make those granny stars that you've done. Maybe I'll make some for the 4th of July!.. Anyways, thanks for stopping by my place today! It's nice to meet you, and I am now a follower! ~tina

  4. The colour is gorgeous and so welcoming. Can't wait for the finish

  5. I know what you mean about the dust, it's a never-ending battle, but it looks like it's all going to be worth it. I just love the fabrics.

    Jak x

  6. Kim
    Good News
    Inside Crochet have contacted me today! Saw the SIBOL BlOG. They want to do an article for next issue! I've got to get it in by next Friday! Hows that then?
    Love Suex
    Thanks for stopping by have a good weekend! x

  7. Oh dear, I hate the dust and stuff too--->>> our WIP --->>> the attic!
    When everything is finished, you'll be happy it's done.
    Love the bright pink!
    ~X~ Karin