To you all, thank you for your company and your time

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Project Mosaic

Today I have reached my 70th post - I have no idea what I have rambled on about for this amount of times, but I do know I have made some very sweet blogland friends through this 'open diary' of mine.  In the 'old' days these would have been 'pen' friends, but thanks to cyberspace we can converse instantly which is really nice. So I looked back some of the projects I have finished since I started blogging last October - and do you know what? .... there were quite a few -so I prepared a little mosaic for you to see some of them

I realised that blogging certainly helps me to be more creative!  Long may it continue.

Speak soon xx


  1. It all looks lovely Kim, I would really like to know how to make a mosaic- how do you begin ?
    Thankyou for your lovely comments xx

  2. Oh you've started something now Kim. I'm pleased you managed to make a mosaic. Great fun aren't they?
    So lovely to see all of your work. Congratulations to you. You have done so well!
    Hugs and Love Suex

  3. Wow, you have been busy. Looks very colourful and cheery. I particularly like the centre photo.
    Jak x

  4. thanks for all the wonderful post, i enjoy your blog!

  5. Always wanted to write a regular diary and never thought about this being one. But you are spot on. These blogs are something you can look back on - as long as cyberspace exists

  6. Wow! What beautiful things you have made. You have been busy, busy, busy. I love the bag and the afghan, but I especially love both your cushions. They are gorgeous!

    In response to your question about the potholders, you won't believe the amazing things people make. I've seen pigs, snails, snowmen...you name it. There is no end to the things you can make into potholders and yes, I generally use 100% cotton. The thickness depends on my mood. :-)

  7. Mosaics can be as addictive as crochet!! Lovely one you made there!
    Wasn't it fun over on Flickr today...getting to poke our noses into eachothers' rooms?!!

  8. Wonderful mosaic!
    I know what you mean. Blogging is so much fun. Great way to get to know you all!
    ~X~ Karin