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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Psst! I Think Spring Is Nearly Here!

Psst!  don't  hold your breath ....... but ....... its beginning to feel a little bit like spring around here! Yipee!!!! We are on our second day with some sunshine, its amazing how a little sunshine makes me feel more energetic and happy. 

This pot of daffs burst into bloom overnight - spring is such a special season.

The weekend was a bit of a washout in the Kimbles household, we had lots of powercuts due to a storm that we caught the edge of. One of the joys of living in the country with overhead power cables.  Still I managed some crafting, after all I couldn't get on with much else - ironing, vacuuming - shame!!!!!

I have used up some spare yarn to make a few more squares for the SIBOL blankets that Sue is making. 

Some of the squares are just straightforward grannys, but I have included three more special ones.  The first one is

for Sue to add to her own keepsake blanket, the second is an intarsia square

the second piccie is of the back and you can see where I wove in the two colours as I worked the square, you could use separate small balls of yarn as it is quite fiddley to do, but I really like the outcome.

The third square is the most special of all - made by Michelle, my daughter who, as you know has just learnt to crochet and really wanted to add a square to the SIBOL blankets ....... so here it is

So at the moment they are all being blocked on my ironing board then they will be winging their way to Sue.

A huge Thank You to Bethel of Bethania for giving me a sunshine award - very sweet of her and I really appreciate it.  However, I won't be passing it on to 12 people, I hope you all understand, but as I still work, my blog time is quite precious and always seems to take me much longer than I think, plus the extra time I like to spend checking out other blogs and leaving comments. So I hope I won't have offended anyone, especially dear Bethel!! Mind you, I haven't even worked out how to get the picture of the sunshine award  onto my blog!!!!  Maybe I should stick to hook and yarn!!!

I will post later in the week with an update on the sunflower rug and show you some decopatch which I was inspired to try by Lucy , I'm finding it relaxing and quite addictive - I keep looking for things to decopatch over!

Have a great spring day!!!

Speak soon xx


  1. Hi Kim,
    You do have a lot of power cuts ! I've been buried under a blanket! Got here at last.
    Now please thank your daughter for the SIBOL square that is so kind of her. I really appreciate her helping. You too, dear friend more squares cant thank you enough.
    Now that award. Go on to the Award in Bethels blog. Right click save as. It will go into your pictures. Then just load it up into your side bar 'add a gadget' picture. It should come up.
    You've been busy and I just love the x in the square. I wouldnt even try that! All so pretty once again. no3 nearly finished. NO time today catching up on here.
    Love Suex

  2. I agree, hasn't the sunshine been a real tonic. The squares are lovely and 'well done' your daughter, a life-long hobby I hope.
    Jak x

  3. Well done Kim, knew you could do it! YOu deserve it a very nice blog. I just love visiting you and so does everyone else. I haven't given mine out, take too long, everyone deserves one too! Hope you don't have any more powercuts. Good job crocheting doesn't take up electric !!
    Hugs and lOve SUex

  4. Love the squares, especially the ones with the flower in the middle.I'm in England !!!
    I'm visiting my Mum. So excited,I'm off to hobbycaraft tomorrow and I've bought two lovely crochet magazines and an old book about crochet gifts. I'm going to make a post about all my goodies when I get back. We've had the most lovely sunny day here in Staffordshire, cold but lovely.

  5. Kim, your squares are lovely.
    And yes, I saw the same sun today. Beautiful blue sky, white clouds and a very sunny sun!
    Spring is here!

    ~x~ Karin

  6. Love the flower square, so pretty. You and your daughter should be so proud, her square is lovely.
    Daffodils are my favourite flowers, just have trouble getting them to grow as its not cold enough :-(

  7. Hi Kim,
    Love your flowers and your granny squares! Your daughter's is very pretty and she should be very proud.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  8. G'day Kim
    My second try... I always seem to do something wrong & end up going somewhere else on my computer... no computer probs... just operater probs... drrr
    First of all pleased you have accepted your Sunshine Award... maybe that brought the sunshine!!! ha ha
    Second... great job your Michelle did with her square...
    Your squares are great too... very interesting the intarsia square... you did a wonderful job of it I must say...
    Also love the flower one... is that one of ElizabethCat's patterns she put on her Flickr?... if it is, it turned out wayyyy better than mine... my flower is just about big enough for a dinner plate... ha ha
    Great work... OOroo... B