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Friday, 19 March 2010

Lady Helen's Challenge

Browsing through various blogs last night, I was checking out Helen at Lady Helsie's Happenings and she had taken up a challenge which she had found on another blog and that was to go to the 4th folder in your my pictures file and click on the 4th file and see what the picture is - well I did and this is it

my front garden from last year!  It made me feel all warm and glad that summer is on its way!!!!  I know it looks a bit scrappy but I love that cottagey look and the pink roses on the left of the picture are I think called Delphine and they are thornless, smell divine and flower all summer.

So thank you Helen you made me re-visit last summer and very nice it felt too!

I hope you have a great weekend, I have sent my squares off to Mrs Twins for the SIBOL project and this blanket it aiming to be the sunniest ever, so these are my contributions

It is certainly going to be a bright blanket!!

I am hoping to get lots of hooking done this weekend.  Oh and next week I will try and prepare a tutorial for the mini hexagons, as I have been asked for one.

Speak soon xx


  1. Very pretty garden. I love to see a colourful front garden, always an indication to me that a creative person lives there. Very sunny squares, might have to put my Ray Bans on just to crochet mine, lol!

  2. Hi KIm
    Just popped across before our trip to Ikea to see if I can show Mr.Twin your storage boxes!
    Your Garden is beautiful Kim. OOh, you have given me that Springy feeling!
    I'm so behind with blog reading. Blanket 4 finished! Photos soon. Have to go out first.
    I'll try and do that challenge, sounds like a good idea.
    I also liked your idea of Blue and White for the next Blanket! See what different patterns we can come up for that one.
    I have to say I put all the 'sunny squares' on the floor last night, I was sorting my 'postage stamps' out as Chalky's World Linda says! ha.ha. It is reallly!
    and I thought yes, this is going to be the sunniest Blanket Ever! It's looking good so far. But you'll have to be patient Kim for a while yet.
    Oh well must dash, but first I'll find those lovely boxes of yours see if I can get Hubby interested! Well it's for his benefit really isn't it? Keep the house tidy eh!
    Hugs and Love, good weekend to all x

  3. Hi Kim!
    I love the pink roses in your garden.
    And the sunny squares, they are stunning, especially the orange/yellow one!
    ~X~ Karin

  4. mmm I love the spiral, how did you do that ?
    Nice to think spring is on the way...
    have a nice weekend
    Louise xx

  5. Helsie's challenge was interesing - and your photo is just lovely. Wouldn't mind sitting with a cuppa and a bit of cake just checking the garden out ☺
    Love, love, love the spirally square - the colours are going to be wild in the "sunniest blanket" but I can't wait to see it