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Monday, 15 March 2010

Mother's Day Walk

Morning to  you all - last week was hectic to say the least and even the weekend was busy - out with friends on Friday night, then other friends to supper on Saturday - and Sunday we did a country walk had dinner as a family - so do you know what - not a SiNgLE stitch has been done since last week!!!!! Quite unusual for me - and I am missing it.  I am itching to start a sunshine square for the SIBOL project - have an idea but don't know if it will come to light!  So I am hoping for a more productive week this week!

Having not a single photo to show you of project progress - I will thrill you!!! lol! with our lovely walk we did yesterday- a real spur of the moment one.  My only ask for Mother's Day was that I wanted to find and take a piccie of snowdrops - and as luck would have it not long into the walk we found some:-

So pretty, I love the way they grow in clumps

It was so lovely to be out in the fresh air walking across fields and

following the woodland footpaths, which some kind volunteers have recently restored

across the very clear water stream

down to the the South Downs with the "V" of trees commemorating Queen Victoria.

everything springing to life after the very harsh winter.

across the fields to visit 

lambs in the field at the foot of the Downs

After all of this we hiked back again - so did I feel guilty about eating chocs yesterday!  not a bit - I deserved it after all of that exercise!  Yes - Good Times!

Speak soon xx


  1. Looks like a lovely walk and fantastic weather. Love those little lambs especially the black ones. We only have white sheep here.

  2. Hi Kim!
    Beautiful pictures. I can see and smell spring! Don't you?
    ~X~ Karin

  3. Looks like a beautiful walk. I expect you are looking forward to your first camping trip of the year!

  4. This spring weather certainly is a tonic! Lovely photos...Thankyou for sharing them
    Louise x

  5. What a lovely area to walk in. Mother's Day is not till May over here. I am so glad you had a lovely day

  6. Such lovely photos and wasn't the weather just grand on Sunday, we even turned our central heating off!
    Jak x

  7. OOh that bit of exercise did me the world of good! I really enjoyed that little walk out in to the countryside with your Kimbles, shall we do it again!
    You're right its so nice to be able to get outside for a change. Lets hope we have a nice Spring now.
    Sorry I've been late popping over to visit you. Me too I haven't done any crocheting this weekend. I thought Mothers Day was suppose to be a restful one for us Moms! How come then I ended up cooking two roast dinners! 'Lack of communication it came down too!' I won't go there. But my Mothers Day was not too good.
    Nice to be back with you!
    Hugs and Love Suex