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Friday, 26 February 2010

Left Handed And Loving It

Morning all,  thank you for your comments about the left-handed thing, made me chuckle! I don't remember being made to try to write right-handed, but I do recall at school having my first tennis lesson and standing in the middle of the line clashing my racket against the next persons, and the teacher singling me out and sending me to the end of the line - it was at that point I realised there was a difference, and I have never forgotten how I felt - funny isn't it how stuff like that just stays with you!  Even now when I have a group golf lesson I automatically stand at the end of the line!  I just think that sometimes my brain takes a few seconds to think "left or right" don't even start me on laying the table - hubby has to make adjustments for me because I never get it right hehe!! At the end of the day it is just me and its nice to be....er how shall we say..... different!!!  So from now on I am going to be left-handed and loving it, and so should all you other left handers!!!!!

Couldn't resist taking a piccie of this deep red rose I was given as a birthday present last week , we are all searching for a bit of colour at the moment and this is cheering up our lounge.

Our daughter arrived home for a few days during her uni reading week and all three children surprised us with a special treat which they had meant to do for our anniversary, but we spoilt it by going away, so they rearranged it for this week.  It was a lovely luxury afternoon tea at The Grand Hotel in Brighton where we had a lovely table in the very long conservatory overlooking the sea and were able to sit and watch the world go by whilst tucking into this:-

needless to say, my diet has gone out the window this week!!  Actually hubby and I couldn't eat it all, but the staff kindly wrapped the rest up for us to take home.  It was such a lovely thing for the children to do for us and we were really chuffed. 

My daughter has completed more of her crochet whilst being home, she says she is finding it relaxing, which is a pleasant change from uni stress.

This is a square completed and now she is starting another, in the hope that one day a blanket will emerge!!

Talking of emerging, more of the sunflowers and leaves are emerging from the canvas mist!!

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Speak soon xx


  1. Afternoon tea, how charming and civilized. Sounds like you had a great time with your lovely family. The sunflower rug must be lovely and colourful to work on at this drab time of year and already is looking very pretty.
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Jak x

  2. Hello Kim,
    Horrible when you have problems with Blogland!
    I was just having a look at y0ur Sunflowers in Hobby Craft, its really pretty. You are doing so well.
    How lovely to go and have a treat like that! Wow! That's a really nice photo of you there! Hidden behind the cakes! No, I wouldn't worry about the diet this week. I haven't been on it either! Wanted a week off
    Well pleased to say Lady Helsie is going to knit me a square for the middle. It looks as though everyone is having a think about 'my memento'. All I can think of is a 'Sunshine Friendship Blanket!' ? Maybe a square from everyone. I only have one square of yours left, I used them all up. I was planning last night had them all scattered on the carpet, I've labelled them all, and to tell you the truth I am quite well organised Oh Kim I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this. It's given me a purpose! Everyone loves the name too. I think everyone is enjoying this as much as me! I really must make a start on no. 3 at the weekend. So I may be quietish on here. Trouble is I don't like asking for more squares for 'me'.(For the Friendship Blanket' if I do one. Maybe I can see how many I've got left. Then if I need anymore off anyone I could ask then. We'll wait and see what everyone thinks about it. I think I would like something to remind me of doing it. Lets hope there are many more blankets to come! Love it.
    Have a good weekend Kim with your family
    Hugs and Love Suex

  3. Forgot to say Kim, your daughter is doing really well with her crocheting. I hope she makes a granny blanket for her bed!
    There's an idea.
    Love Suex

  4. How lovely to have a special afternoon tea,such a nice photo of you with the cakes !
    My husband actually had his right hand tied behind his back- by the Nuns - to make him write with his right hand. Thank goodness we don't do that any more!
    love Louise X

  5. Funny how you mentioned about setting the table as D1 did exactly the same thing. When we sat down to eat, we all re-arranged the setting when it was her turn. I think she still does it too
    Your daughter is doing well and its lovely for her to do it, even if it is slowly. There is no time-limit!!!

  6. G'day Kim
    Happy Birthday for last week... looks like you had a wonderful arvo tea... we have a hotel in town where once a month has Death by Chocolate arvo tea & truly it is to die for too... yummmm finished off with beautiful big strawberries you can dip into uoooie gooie chocolate... you can see you only go once... ha ha
    I also wanted to let you know that I have awarded you & your blog the Sunshine award of appreciation... You may claim it from my blog but if you don't want to I fully understand as there are so many awards flying in blogland at the present.
    I appreciate your blog & your comments on my blog & flickr more than any award... thank you...
    OOroo... Bethel