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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Project Progress

Hello lovely blogland friends, how are you all today, thank you for taking the time to look at my blog - these are the projects I am up to at the moment

I am making progress with the sunflower rug - I love this piccie, it looks like the sunflowers are gradually being revealed, like they have a veil over them!  Its quite labour intensive, this project but I can happily sit with it on my lap, latch hooking away and watching the Winter Olympics - until much later in the night than I usually do - might explain why I'm feeling tired these last few mornings! 

When I have had enough latch hooking I switch to crochet hooking, to a project I am working on for the summer - here is a peek

Incidentally, I must have a veeeery mixed up brain I have decided - as I have said before I am left-handed, write with my left hand, play golf left-handed, use scissors in my right hand, crochet with my right hand, so I picked up the latch hook in my right hand - but my brain wouldn't compute!!  So I crochet hook in right and latch hook in left - how weird is that - its just a hook - I think I must be a little bonkers!!!!!

Do any other of you lovely left handers have the same problem?

Over the weekend I went to a lovely wool shop and couldn't resist this cotton and bamboo yarn - its my favourite summer colour - I have bought a pattern for quite a pretty top to crochet , I will show you more when I start it.

Have a great creative day!

Speak soon xx


  1. Why Kim you might be ampidextrous ! How clever that you can do different things with different hands.
    I love the sunflower rug. I remember doing a latch hook wall hanging about 20ish years ago. It was quite fun. I must look in the shops and see if we have any kits around. I know I still have the hook.
    Have a nice day

  2. The rug looks lovely Kim, how clever to use both hands, my son is like you. I'm boringly right handed for everything!
    Louise x

  3. You're very clever working with both hands!! Kim this rug is looking wonderful. It is going to be so....pretty. Where will you put it? I love Sunflowers. Are you handies hurting yet? You've done ever such a lot here. Then theres this beautiful green King Cole wool.I love King Cole. I have to order it from Yorkshire Wools, nice man there. I do wish they would automatically send you shade cards like they used to. Now its go and have a look on the net at the colours. Not quite the same, as you have to have a touch. I keep thinking of those storage boxes too! I wish I had somewhere to put some. Could do with them here. Louise sent me some lovely squares today all the way from Gibraltar. Posting in a bit, I've been so behind Little Miss Twin (new to home) keeps giving me massive amounts of washing! Snowed under with it all.
    Hugs and Love keep up the good work!

  4. The rug is looking lovely. And as for the Bamboo Cotton, well it looks so soft and squishy and yummy.
    You are not mixed up, you are a above us lowly people who can only use one hand safely. Love to see you in action with both hands doing something different VBG
    My eldest daughter (by 17 minutes) use to be able to colour in with both hands working independently - she is only a right hander now

  5. More than one project at a time. Not not us. We never have more than one going at a time.... chuckle-chuckle.... Love the new Kiwi Green yarn...what are you up to with that?mmmmm.you have me thinking. Love the new hooked rug, fun idea to try something new.

    I hear we are all getting put together in one of Sue's Sunshine Blankies... too much fun for the girls from all over the world to get together like that.

    Off to bed,...
    Still only yarn packed. Too much blogging tonight.

    Kate - <3 <3 <3

  6. Kim, you're not crazy you are twice as talented as those of us that can only create with one hand. Your sunflowers are looking great. Can't wait to see it finished. Take care of yourself and don't work too hard on it.

  7. Hi Kim,
    I'm left-handed too. I write left-handed, eat left-handed but I iron right-handed (cause my mom who was right-handed had the ironing board set up that way). I have crocheted both left and right-handed (now I'm doing it right-handed so I don't have to fuss with reversing patterns). I can golf and hit a baseball bat both left and right (neither seems better than the other). Luckily I never had a teacher try to force me to write right-handed. The world is made for right-handers but lefties have found a way to survive.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  8. Hi Kim,
    Hope your day is going great for you today.
    Just been over to Maria seems like I have my work cut out for me !! Just been asking Lady Helsie if she would do us the pleasure of making one 6" square so I can put her in the middle as she's the Lady! She will take pride and place because she is so....important.
    Lovely week shes had. What about you? Things going good for you?
    Karin quiet this week. I bet that rug is nearly finished !
    Hugs and Love SUex

  9. Hi Kim!
    I'm left-handed too, originally. Learned to write right-handed. Drawing ► left. Scissors ► left. Ironing ► right. Crocheting ► right. Cutting and peeling ► left.
    And it feels good! Yeahhh!!!
    ~X~ Karin