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Friday, 5 February 2010


Hello dear blogland friends - today a question- how do you store your stash?  I need advice, I'm looking for inspiration. It has occured to me that I am not that organised when it comes to stash-storing:-

I have one cupboard that I use for all of my craft stuff , and as you can see - veeeery disorganised, and my yarn seems to be in different bags - then I can't remember what I have - is this just a Kimbles thing or are some of you like this? 

or I have odd bits hanging around waiting to be made into something

and then in the lounge I have areas where I might sit and watch TV and crochet - messy!!!!!

HeLP!  do I need clear plastic storage boxes, or are they too cumbersome, or more bags ?  I will be very interested to hear how you store your stash!!

Have a great weekend

Speak soon xx


  1. It's nice to see someone else as disorganised as me! My stash is stuffed into bags and then in turn stuffed into cupboards too. I keep telling myself that one day I'll get more organised with my crafty stuff but that day is still to come. Plastic see through boxes might be the way to go though. Hope you have a lovely weekend :O) x

  2. Up until recently I stored my yarn in black sacks stuffed behind the sofa and my other craft stuff took over the dining room. Have now got a whole room to myself (well almost) which has taken me a whole week to organize already (very therapeutic). I think stackable plastic boxes are the best, not sexy, but very practical. Just got to sort out my art stuff in my 'studio' garage now, lol!.
    Hope you manage it!
    Jak x

  3. I purchased a wood "cabinet" of sorts from Target (big discount store here in the US) that has 9 cubbies. I purchased fabric boxes that slide into the cubbies and store my yarn there. It is great... the boxes hold quite a bit of yarn, and all of my stuff is organized in one place.

  4. ICKS... I have really made an effort to get the stash more organized around here in the new year. I got a bunch of medium size CLEAR plastic bins. Clear as I can see inside what I have instead of forgetting and buying more. All the same size and stacked nicely. Of course, I still have some hidden in a trunk... chuckle-chuckle...

    Have a great weekend
    Kate - The Garden Bell

  5. Can't help I'm afraid..mine looks a lot worse than yours does. As for the chicken pattern..email me. Dev x

  6. Wicker picnic baskets with lids are perfect, I can keep them in the sitting room (not ugly) I can stack them if no-one notices...I have an old tin sea chest that holds all the poly bags out of sight! Good luck!

  7. Hello Kim,
    I'm so sorry I'm late stopping by. I hope you are having a good weekend. This is where my baskets come in handy! I also invested in a massive plastic box with a lid. I've got all my wool filled to the brim in there. Loads but we always want more! I tend then to run upstairs and get what I want out. I was keeping it in my daughters bedroom, but shes coming back at the weekend, so her stuff is slowly coming back. So its back in our room now :( Problem. We had better crochet it up quick I think.
    Hope you are having a good weekend, I didn't get chance to mail you.
    Love Suex

  8. I'm the same...so no advice. But we have plastic storage on wheels under the bed, very handy!

  9. Thank you all soooo much for your comments I don't feel so bad now. It is a dilemma with stash storing, the problem I have is that I want it aroud me - for inspiration, to see and feel what I have - think I need to buy a wool shop lol!.. seriously its great to know that most of you are in the same boat!!! **Kim** x

  10. Hi Kim, my lot looks like yours and I too have been thinking how to store it, but yet I want to see and touch it, that is how I know what I want to do with the yarn. DD3 bought me a small cane box for my birthday to store what I am currently working on so that it will look tidy - unfortunately it seems to be spilling out of it VBG :-)
    So maybe a little bit near where you always sit and work and a clear plastic box for the rest, so you/me can see what I do have - that is what I am intending to do anyway