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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Truly Blessed

The title says it all.  This week I feel truly blessed, it was my birthday a couple of days ago and I have to admit I wasn't too fussed about it, couldn't work up enthusiasm - do  you know what I mean?  but my family and friends made it special and it really made me take stock and realise how lucky I am.  It was nothing to do with presents or anything like that, it was things like nice words on cards, especially from my sons, who sometimes just come and go and don't say an awful lot!! Then there was my daughter who juggled her busy uni schedule to drive home to surprise me - really lovely.  Mum who at 80 managed to tackle the internet and order something special for me. Dear hubby who made me hot bacon croissants and steaming coffee, and friends who turned up to drop off a pressie and stayed drinking coffee all morning.  Then the postman arrived with a gift from a dear blogland friend!  You guessed it the dear Sue

sent me some lovely wool and some pattern books which are delightful, and how utterly charming of her.  So Thank you again Sue!  Then I quickly logged on here and there were Birthday wishes left for me too, so thank you each and every one of you - I really appreciated it. 

After a morning drinking coffee, hubby and I headed off to London.  I took my camera to take some piccies for you all but it rained SO much I didn't take a single one!! sorry!!  All I did was cling tightly to my umbrella and try not to take anyones eye out and avoid having my own eye taken out - lots of people on a crowded street all holding umbrellas can be lethal!!!  Hubby got wacked quite hard by one lady who didn't even give a backward glance at him!!

The purpose of the trip to London was to go to the Theatre and we went to see this:-

I am still toe-tapping and humming the songs - it was BriLLIaNT!!!!  If you get the chance and haven't already been - go and see it, you wont be disappointed.  So that rounded off a pretty perfect day for me. 

Yes truly blessed.

Speak soon xx


  1. We are both lucky girls, receiving beautiful gifts from Sue. What a lovely surprise, isn't it?
    Glad, you enjoyed your birthday!

    Have a lovely day today.... too!

    ~X~ Karin

  2. Sending you belated birthday wishes, sounds like you had a great day.
    Jak x

  3. Happy Birthday Kim! Sounds like you had a lovely one. I agree it's not the gifts -though they are lovely when dear ones have put some thought into them. It just nice to know you are in people's thoughts. Then as you say you are truely blessed!

  4. Big Birthday wishes. What is better than a visit from your daughter. Well, J.B.s we saw it here in Chicago and it's was great. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Now about that yarn, can't wait to see what this creates.

    Kate - <3 <3 <3

  5. Belated wishes from downunder. I wanted to see Jersey Boys, but missed it!!!

  6. I'm terribly sorry I've missed this post somehow. I don't know how. I suppose I've been buried under the blanket! I'm glad you liked the 'wee' gift. Just to say we was thinking of you. I'm so pleased everyone made your day nice. I saw Jersey Boys on TV the other evening, it did look good.
    Another year older, never mind :)
    Hugs and Love Suex
    Sorry I'm late with this one. x