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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

My New Stash Store!

I can't believe it is Tuesday already, the weeks are flyyyying by, although it still feels like Spring is having trouble finding its way here! 

These lovely Tulips are keeping my spirits up at the moment and bring some very welcome colour into the drab days

I love them when they start to droop a little and the go very welll in my Emma Bridgewater jug.

These were a birthday present last week aren't they beautiful?  Gorgeous purply pink with light frilly edges, they almost look spikey but are soft to touch.  Yes its a reminder that surely Spring can't be too far away. 

Over the weekend we took an impromtu trip to IKEA, mainly because we have two lamps in the living room and somehow I managed to break both shades in a week!!! Don't ask me how, I hadn't even had a glass of wine!!    This of course prompted a wander round, you know, just to see if there was anything I just couldn't live without and there is was, my stash store solution

its great because it stays in our back room (a converted garage) where I have my computer and other stuff and I can just take a box out when I need to do a project, I also have a craft cupboard in this room, so I think I am pretty much sorted. 

This feels like the start of my spring cleaning, now this room is sorted.  I have just taken delivery of a new Dyson Ball cleaner, my old VAX expired in a cloud of smoke - so this is the first time I have used an upright cleaner and I am finding it a little difficult to get used to!!  So I will have to practice loads - super clean house coming up!!!

Speak soon xx


  1. Sounds like Spring Fever is spreading over there. Everyone is ready and itching for a change in the weather.
    Any sign of daffodils yet?

  2. The red-boxes-stairway is a great solution!
    It's impossible te leave Ikea without buying anyting, isn't it? There's always something you need desperately ;)

    ~X~ Karin

  3. OOh Kim! I want! But where would I put a set of these boxes! Wow! They're fantastic. I can't even keep my wool in daughters room now, its back in our room. I suppose theres the shed at the bottom of the garden, don't fancy wondering down there though every time I want a ball out.
    Now that name is VERY INTERESTING! SIBOL. I think you have cracked it!
    Sunshine - Mollys Suggestion.
    International - Maria

    Yes, thats good. Put it altogether SIBOL - Your idea! Well done I like that.
    I didn't like the Elderly bit in before 'discriminating' and all that.

    'Sunshine International Blankets of Love - SIBOL.

    Well squares,I have one yellow one of yours left. So yes I'll put that next to Maria, Kate, Karin and me! Used all the others in the first blanket. Great.
    Thankyou!! A name is formed.

  4. I love tulips, its just a pity that the weather does not get cold enough here for them to grow very well. Thank goodness for florists.
    Love your storage, I can see so many uses for that. So neat and tidy too

  5. The storage is just great, good 'ole' Ikea. How about trying your new vacuum cleaner round my house, I'm still 'up to my eyes' in decorating, lol! The tulips look glorious.
    Jak x