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Friday, 19 February 2010

A Different Project

I have decided to try a different project this weekend, in fact I have three projects waiting in the wings, but this shall be my first one.

I was drawn to the lovely colour combination

yes, I will have to get to grips with a different type of hook - a latch hook,  it is going to be a little rug

with my favourite sunflowers to remind me of long hot sunny days..........

I have a bit of a fascination with rag rugs, I have wanted to have a go at one for a long time, I would like to make one using old t shirts and I have seen in books that this can work very well. 

This project will give me an insight into rug making - I did try many many moons ago before children and I can't even remember if I finished it! 

Have any of you made rugs with rags?  There is a section on the lovely flickr for rag rugs - very inspiring.

Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes - made my day!

I hope you all have a great creative weekend!

Speak soon xx


  1. Hi Kim,
    This sunflower rug is gorgeous! You'll really enjoy doing it. The old fingers will suffer probably!
    If you look in my photostream I have a Readicut rug which I made before I got married. I've had it hanging on my wall for years but then last year we replaced it with our mirror over the fireplace. They re great fun to do Kim.
    Have a good weekend!
    Hugs and LOve Suex

  2. I made a wool rug many yonks ago, I remember it as quite soothing a bit like doing chain stitch. Hope you enjoy it, I like the sunflower pattern very much.

  3. WOW... I remember doing one of these back in the 70s. What fun? I've seen them in the crafting shops lately. Can't wait to see this come to life.

    Have a great weekend
    Kate - The Garden Bell - <3 <3 <3

    Spring is on it way, right?

  4. This will be lovely when it's done! Like you, I was drawn to the colourss too. Best wishes Kath

  5. I did one too back in the 70s and I remember it was quite fun to do. This one is so bright and sunny it will get you in the mood for Spring.

  6. Memories!!! Another one who made one back in the 70's. Have no idea what happened to it. But I did enjoy making it.

  7. The skirt book is one I bought on Amazon, it is American origionally but I got it on the UK site. If you don't have any luck I will email the instructions of how to make the pattern , it's quite easy.
    Louise xx

  8. Oh I love hook rugs!!!
    My mum and I would make them when I was young...and they are lots of fun...
    Happy belated birthday...Love the postmans package from sue...Lovely surprise...
    Just love blogland and all the friends you make because of it...