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Friday, 30 July 2010

Wibbly Wobbly Week

Well, here I am back again, a Friday evening blogging and the week has disappeared again!  As the title suggests - it has been a Wibbly Wobbly Week for me.  I mentioned in my last post about youngest Kimbles heading off to the USA on a dream trip - so this week has been "Mum - have you seen my Ipod cable", "Mum have you seen that T Shirt - you know, the one I mean", and finally "Mum, I thought I could print off my air ticket - but we have to dash  to the Travel Agents to collect it"  Then there was the checking and double checking of the itinerary and so on.  This culminated in "The Farewell" and "The Farewell" was at the crack of dawn at Terminal 4 Heathrow on Thursday morning - don't you just hate farewells - I had given myself a good talking to - he is going on holiday, he has saved for a year, its his dream. I know, I know, I know - but you know that awful choking in the throat when trying to say goodbye and not cry........... after the deed was done myself a Little Kimbles who had accompanied me needed a strong coffee!

So all day yesterday I was Wobbly thinking about the very looooong flight, the transfer and another flight after that - then the waiting for the call to say " Im here mum"  Well I waited for quite a long time and to add to it all Mr K was flying home from Aberdeen and he was delayed so
I sat by the computer watching programmes on iplayer and waited for the Skype call.  Of course to keep occupied I tried some crochet.  I am really loving the pattern that Kate The Garden Bell is doing at the moment there is a link to the pattern on her blog. 

I like it because it has "texture".  I played about with a view to making it into a sort of flowerish square

Pretty isn't it?

Oh, to finish the travel story - I got the Skype call at 1.45 am this morning but I could hear youngest Kimbles but he couldn't hear me! but at least I know he is ok and my Wibble Wobbles are calming down a little. Mr K didn't arrive back until 2.15 so by the time I had given him the update we didn't get to bed until 2.45am.

After this square I made another experiment using the lovely colours of the Rico cotton which I ordered as a result of Lucy

I changed the outside edge, and I quite like using the one colour in the middle -seems to make the textured "spokes" stand out - don't know if you agree. It was quite frustratingly "splitty" to use and I don't think there is enough for a blanket but I do like the pattern. 

Well I am pooped! after two nights with not enough sleep - I think an early one is in order!  I will try to post from the "field" next week as we will be camping some of the time - I really like the thought of posting from the field - although it didn't work last time I tried - so here is hoping for wifi!

Oh, I'm so tired I nearly forgot - I have guest posted on the SIBOL Archive about one of the squares I made for this worthy project - if by any small chance you haven't heard about the lovely Mrs Twins and the SIBOL project please check it out here.

Speak soon xx


  1. Isn't that a fun pattern. Sooooooo, easie-peasie. I'm using my Luc yarn with some other cotton. Remember, if you US traveler get to Chicago and needs any help I'm here... and was a travel agent in my past. Good girl posting for Sue, I can barely get to my blog let alone post over there as much as she would like. Oh Well, I do what I can.

    Have a great weekend.

    Keep on making Circles of Friends.

  2. Hi, I saw this pattern on the Garden Bell and I think it's great. I do agree, having just one colour makes the spokes stand out, and I do love crochet that is bumpy and textured! This pattern is on my to do list for one day when I've finally cleared all my current projects! Look forward to seeing what becomes of your ideas with it.
    Caz :)

  3. You must be tired out. It's funny, no matter how old they get, you just can't help worrying about your kids, especially when they are the other side of the world. The crochet is very pretty and unusual, looking forward to see what your make. Have a lovely time on your 'field trip'!
    Jak x

  4. My Grandmother was 103 when she passed away and worried about her 'kids' until the day she left us. You never stop worrying they are 'our' children. Thats what Moms are good at, 'worrying!'. I do wish I wouldn't worry so much about them.
    Hes going to have a ball Kimbles. I really admire him for wanting to do this. Sit tight and keep yourself busy. The weeks will fly by and your son will be safely home.
    Now these Squares are just lovely. I love the textured effect. Take it easy though, don't get too carried away now!
    Thanks for the link to our blog.
    Have a good time campi8ng.
    Love Suex

  5. Know your feelings all too well, Kim. About 8 years ago DD2 took off to Europe and America for a year. It was a very worrying time, international roaming was very expensive, so I waited for a couple of very, very brief phone calls (Xmas), emails and eventually learnt about Skype
    Think they are training me cause its rare nowadays for my 3 to be in Australia at one time - I bred travellers, both Australian and Overseas!!!
    And I prefer the one colour for the texture too!!