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Monday, 19 July 2010

Another Hiccup!

Hi dear friends - I'm not sure if any of you are dipping in here any more - and I don't really blame you. I am looooooonnnnnnggging to get back to "normal".  I am missing my blogging sooooo very much. To add to my woes - (hands etc) on Thursday of last week we had rather high winds here in the south which triggered power cuts in our village - but these went off and on, off and on and carried on like this for some time.  Unfortunately the computer was "on" when the power went "off" and when it came "on" again, I switched my computer back "on" and then the power promptly went "off" again.  The upshot of this sorry saga is, my rather old tired computer said "I've had enough of this" and is now to put it politely "knackered"  completely and utterly - I took it to the computer hospital and it is still undergoing surgery!!!!!!!  This afternoon after ringing them twice I gave up until tomorrow for an update!! I am distraught, how much can  a girl take? - having to stop the crochet for what seems like eons and now the computer is swept from under my feet.  I have just managed to get this old laptop to work and even that has been difficult because the heating installers have arrived for the whole of this week to install a completely new heating system for us and first stop has been my little office/workroom and I haven't been able to retrieve this old laptop until this evening.

Anyway, I just wanted to have a rant to you all about it, and I know it is nothing MAJOR in the overall scheme of things, but I do enjoy my creating and blogging and it is something for ME just me and I can say what I like and crochet what I like and others seem to appreciate my efforts,  and this feels like a double whammy!!!! He ho chin up Kimbles chin up. 

Please keep your fingers crossed that the computer is fixed tomorrow - pretty please!!!!  In the meantime I do hope you are all well - I am just off to have a look at all the blogs and news I have missed out on the last few days, slowly veerrryyy slowly! 

Speak soon (hopefully) xx


  1. Hang in there Kim! I know how you feel when I'm not connected to the internet I feel so "disconnected"! We have had hit and miss while traveling to Alaska with the WiFi services at different campgrounds. Luckily this one in Seward, Alaska is wonderful. I can use my MAC. Usually service is poor and only my hubby's PC with the exterior antenna will work. And I'm lost using his PC. I have my own routine with my MAC...how to do my photos etc. I'm glad to hear you are still resting your hands. Your crocheting will wait. I'm working on the edging of my "Crazy Colors" throw...trying to decide what colors to use or not use. Decisions, decisions.... Have a great day! Hope you get your computer back soon.

  2. Hi Kim,
    OOh I'm sorry poor Kim, how dreadful. It seems as though you really can't win at the moment. Take a step back, have a rest, leave the blogs if its running slow, they will all be here for you. Then you have the workmen! Dont get making them too many cups of tea now!
    Hope thing improve for you,
    Hugs Suex

  3. You know we will all be here to visit you when you can stop by. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you are back up and running with the wind very soon.

    Off to see what else I've missed while gone.


  4. Oh, I'm sorry about your 'puter problems. They're no fun, I know! I'll be wishing you good luck from my way, and if ever you need a shoulder to "rant" on, your friends in Blogland are here for ya! So, cheer up! Put a funny movie on, or go out for some fresh air and a walk.. I'll be out doing the same, walking the dog in just a little while! Whatever you do, enjoy your evening! ~tina

  5. you and your computer are in my thoughts! don't give up!

  6. Poor Kim - take some time off, seems like they are forcing you too - that will give your wrists a nice long rest
    And then the world might get back together and you will be able to crochet and blog whenever you like ☺
    My fingers are crossed for you

  7. Wise words Maria, maybe you could see this as a good opportunity to have a rest until you're up and running again. We'll still be ehre dont worry. After all this is my sanity break from packing up the house LOL

  8. Poor Kim, have a little bloging,hooking holiday and relax, you sound a bit frought and fed up dear friend. Hope you feel better soon , I'll be in touch when I get back from my hols. xxx