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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Festival Memories and "Stuff"

Hello everyone, just popping in to catch up with you all.  You may remember me mentioning that I went to my first Festival a couple of weekends ago.  Hubby and I went with friends and we camped for two days and sat in the blazing sunshine watching various bands.  I have to tell you, dear friends, that I agreed to this with slight trepidation - I mean it had seemed like a GREAt idea after a couple of glasses of wine, but then of course lots of things do!!!!

We went to Kent, the garden of England, not too far from us for the two day event and it was at the Hop Farm.

The massive stage and screen were brilliant and on the Friday which was the first day, look how very civilised it all was - very genteel, lounging around in the sunshine drinking the odd glass of wine - I was enjoying it much more that I anticipated.

On the Saturday there the crowd increased by about sixfold so it was much busier and more standing up was needed.

Another very pleasant surprise was that lo and behold we certainly weren't the oldest there by a looooong way.  Every age group was there and it was huge fun. 

This is Debbie Harry in action with Blondie, she is in her sixties now and was really good bless her and didn't mind having the camera close up at all.  Lots of the younger bands were excellent too, however the two headline acts - Van Morrison on Friday and Bob Dylan on Saturday - in my opinion were a little - how can I say, disappointing -  I mean no matter how big a STAR you are, you shouldn't forget its the fans who keep you there - for us to have sat in the sun from midday to ten at night and neither of them even spoke to the audience - well I can't be bothered with that attitude!!!

There was a sea of little "pop up" tents, and I honesty do not know how anyone found their way back to the right one, because they all looked the same to me!!!  We were in the campervan field - much better, if a little cosy!

Did we rock and roll? not too much at eleven at night we trudged back to the camper dying for a cup of tea, which I did say to the security guard, who thought it rather funny.  However after the tea, we headed back to watch another band and didn't get back til two in the morning wooohooo!!  OMG we were tired on the Sunday morning when it was time to pack up - as we queued to leave the site, we were quite happy we had enjoyed out first Festival, we were sober, hadn't got sunburnt - how jolly sensible!!!!!!!!!!!

A quick update on the crochet front - only two rows attempted of my granny stripe at the weekend and it was proving still quite painful.  I have to admit, typing is the other key problem area too, hence I haven't blogged much or left too many comments (please accept my apologies - I do try to catch up and read the blogs too).  So there you have it, I need to employ a cleaner, a typist, a therapist and a crafter and just give out my orders!!!!!

Must just show you my one purchase from the Hampton Court Palace flower show

I just couldn't resist this beauty

The Rico cotton, waiting to be used  doh....................... those lovely colours singing out,  "please make something with me!!!"

Talking of colour - I couldn't resist these either, some of them will be put to good use in the Camper - a great little buy from IKEA

Thank you so much for dropping by - I am sorry I seem to have rambled on about nothing much in particular, the joys of blogging. 

Speak soon xx


  1. Well aren't you a hippie-girl with your camping and concert-watching weekends. Did you wear flowers in your hair and go barefoot? How totally fun!

  2. Wow, what fun you had. I have only been to a day-night concert in the wineries, which was fun - but to camp?, no I will take the hotel thanks ☺
    Beautiful home for yarn, but how frustrating that you can't play.
    You definietly need a maid to do all the horrible things so you can play with the good things ☺

  3. Oh dear I do wish you were better Kim!
    What a nice time you had at the Festival and what wonderful goodies you bought. I just love that basket !
    My favourite. It looks ideal for that yummy yarn too. Oh dear its longing to be made into something.....
    Hurry up and get better 'please'.....
    Hugs Suex

  4. that basket is the bomb! i want one!

  5. Sounds like you had a fantastic time! Love the basket, its contents, and the colourful tins!


  6. I'll take one of those baskets full of those exact same colors! How cute....

  7. ...rambling on....my favourite kind of Blog :D

  8. Well Kim, how very young and trendy of you to go to a festival,it sounds really good. I think having a camper van helps though! I'm worried I wouldn't know who most of the acts were...
    Hope your hands are healing well. Louise x

  9. Sounds like you had wonderful days!
    I l♥ve the basket with the beautiful yarn!